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I was always one of those kids growing up being deathly scared of getting braces. I'm now turning 24 this year, and also going into my second year of having braces. I wanted to improve my confidence kind of like what some of us do with makeup. The braces really have improved my teeth, smile, and confidence over the past year which I'm very thankful for. They are also barely noticeable (clear ceramic) which is great for my profession right now, and wearing red lipstick Smiley Wink So long story short, I went to get them tightened yesterday and to no surprise I'm told they will be adding something onto my teeth...a "tongue crib". Without giving me anytime to ask questions or think about this option, they placed the anchors into my back molars to get ready for the device next visit in June. Now, you guys maybe wondering what this tongue crib appliance is...It is basically an orthodontic appliance to resist the tongue from thrusting against one's teeth which causes an overbite and protruding front teeth overtime. After doing some pretty extensive research, I've found it to be a very impractical option for me. I don't have an overbite for one and my front teeth are not protruding forward. I work in a corporate environment and have to socialize with people often, which the crib actually gives you a horrible lisp (which I already have a slight lisp as is). They said I would have to wear it for 1-2 years. I'm just so frustrated right now and don't really know what to do. I already feel like a 12 yr old in a suit with braces on, but adding a tongue crib that has metal spikes in my mouth will make me now talk like a 12 yr old. Ugh! Does anybody have any advice or has experienced orthodontic appliances as an adult?


I took a pic of the crib at my orthodontist yesterday. It looks like something out of a horror movie! 

Re: Braces.

Sorry clayte, that sounds painful Smiley Sad

Glad you're trying to find a good side to the situation, we'll keep our fingers crossed for you!

Re: Braces.

Oops, sorry about all the advice. Didn't know you already had them Smiley Sad


Dang girl! More kudos to you!!!!!!!!!

Re: Braces.

Aw girl thanks for your warm insight! I hope you're doing ok with the braces and having to adjust your lifestyle a little bit. You'll eventually get used to it and be more confident with your smile Smiley Happy


I didn't end up getting the tongue thruster, my ortho gave me an alternative option since my tongue thrust wasn't that bad anyway. I just ended up using rubber bands on one side from the bottom to the top of my teeth in order to pull my crossbite over. I only have to wear them at night, so that's a plus! Yeah, I can't really open my mouth at night, but hey so far it's working! It's uncomfortable at first, but a a Motrin or two does the trick for me.


I feel bad that your option was the tongue thruster, I'm sure it will be well worth it in the end though! Maybe you can talk to your ortho about alternatives like how I did if it gets to the point where it's just making you want to rip it out? Kudos to you for going through it though! 


The only thing that bothers me about braces in general is AFTER getting them tightened. Since the teeth are moving into new locations afterwards, it usually takes about a week for me to start experiencing kanker sores from my braces rubbing my cheeks. Remember to use wax on the brackets as SOON as you feel like it's irritating your gums or cheeks. Also, getting your braces tightened doesn't hurt. I don't know who came up with that and why people fear braces. It's going from an aluminum small gauge wire to a heavy steel gauged wire that hurts afterwards (usually at night into the next morning). Just remember to dose up on Motrin afterwards or take a Lortab (which really helped with the pain). Don't worry though, you probably won't be getting into steel wires until 6 months to a year.



Re: Braces.

Sorry I haven't kept up with everybody's advice. I want to thank everyone of you, and ultimately made the decision for myself not to go with the "crib". I spoke to my ortho, and he decided to go an alternate route. Rubber bands. They are working! Smiley Happy

Re: Braces.

Yay!!!  I'm glad to hear you and your orthodontist found a solution that works for you and gets the job done well!  (P.S. I'm finally able to access BT after a week of terrible internet connection and site issues, I'll respond to your PM as soon as I can!)

Re: Braces.

Oh my gosh that looks scary! I had braces about 3 years ago and just got them taken off last year and to maintain my straight teeth my ortho gave me permanent retainers. Which if you google it, it's like stuck on the back of your teeth 24/7. I'm thinking about getting them removed in a couple years, though I want to really soon since even after a year they still kind of bother me when I eat and just feeling it with my tongue is annoying.


Re: Braces.

I am actually a little jealous.  I hated the removable retainers I got and stopped wearing them after I got married (because they are so not sexy).  After a few years of no retainer use, my front teeth bucked out a bit (not as bad as they were but still noticeable). I am so not willing to re-do the braces thing at this point, but I really wish I had something like a permanent retainer so that I would still have good looking teeth!

Re: Braces.

Oh my god, it looks like some sort of medieval torture device! I'm so glad your orthodontist was able to give you another solution, elastics aren't awesome, but I know I'd take them any day of the week over that!


I hated my orthodontist and never got any information about what he was doing until after he had done it. Such a scary feeling. I got my braces off during ninth grade (last year of jr high in Canada, not first year of high school) and took my retainer out for band class one day and forgot it there in the music room. When I went back for it, someone had already turned it in to the lost and found in the office. By the time I went to pick it up, someone else had claimed my retainer!! Who does that??? Confession: I never got a new one. 

Re: Braces.

LMAO! Who claims a retainer! You're right, that is kinda odd...unless you live in New Orleans or Haiti. You know what they say about voodoo. J/k



Re: Braces.

Haha, I think I was safe. Unless that's why the last year has been so infuriatingly difficult... don't know why they'd wait ten years though. Smiley Tongue It has just got to be one of the oddest mysteries that has ever happened to me.

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