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Body Positivity: Celebrating Positive Changes/Maintenance!

A long time ago we had a weight loss support/accountability thread that let us celebrate those who were trying to make healthy changes in their lives. Even if the changes weren't weight loss related, maybe it was just learning to be comfortable and confident in one's own skin, it was awesome to be there for one another!

So in the spirit of not only embracing change but also just being happy with how things are going so far, let's have a space where we can give each other virtual high fives! ✋️

So post about what you're doing to change things in your life for the better, or write about the little accomplishments that make you feel like maybe things aren't as bad as the rest of the world make them out to be! 

I'll go first: I'm super proud of my students who will be taking the PSAT  next month. Some have been messaging me asking for extra work since we have all of this down time due to Hurricane Irma. How's that for motivated?! It makes me feel awesome about my work and gives me hope that this rising generation is going to be alright. 

 Now, your turn! 

This is a great idea @LCResz. I've actually been having a...

This is a great idea @LCResz. I've actually been having a rough time at work lately which has been dragging me down and affecting the rest of my life. I finally decided I have had enough so I've decided to make some small changes. I'm beginning with making time for me. I've started small; every morning instead of rushing through my skincare and makeup routine, I have started take my sweet time. Because it is all about ME! I plan to work in other habits over time like meditation, yoga, etc. Even just the few extra minutes that I have given myself each morning has changed the way are look at the day and my attitude throughout the day.

RE: This is a great idea @LCResz. I've actually been having a...

That is so wonderful @Lazybeautybeast! Like the old saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step! I agree, taking the time to feel your best self ultimately helps you be the best for others as well. And if you want to see some really great, appropriate for all levels, yoga routines, I use the Fitness Blender routines. They walk and talk you through every step, and they don't use music so you can play your own stuff if you want, but I love practicing in silence for some weird reason! Keep us posted on how your changes are going, and post some of your looks, too! 💄
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