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Blue Tape Scene

I was just watching the Michelle Phan Midnight Kiss video.. Makeup really pretty but way too much work in applying it her way..

Well when the whole video was done they showed the taped scene of how it was videotaped..Well they also showed the blue tape used in to cover the male actor's lips that Michelle was holding. I went back to look at the video again and lo and behold one can see the tape covering his lips when Michelle is kissing him..Not very good

Re: Blue Tape Scene

Hi lovemesomerain, 


LOL that's the beauty of editing! I used to work in TV so I'm all too familiar with blue and green scenes. They are SO easy to edit and alter when you are working on your final product. Smiley Wink I used to work on a new program so the green screens were especially helpful when putting in the network logos's hosts name, etc. 


I'm a fan of the eyeshadow set but personally would have done something a bit simpler and maybe even slightly more flattering for EVERY skin and eye tone.  

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Blue Tape Scene

yeah the e/s set is nice but the colors aren't everyday colors..just nighttime colors...also IA with your remark pertaining to making this offered and more usable for ALL SKIN TONES..this is what I hate mostly about makeup brands palettes..they should make the colors more universal for all  skintones..from really light skintone to the most ebony skintone..e/s's, lipsticks, blushes or offer the palette in different range of colors light palette, med. palette. olive and so on....

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