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Black Friday 2013

I usually don't do the whole Black Friday thing, but last year I got really lucky and got the one last gift I needed for my daughter (much later in the day, I might add) on sale.


I'm thinking about going out this year for a couple things and want to know if anyone knows what the scoop is on Black Friday deals this year. I just saw that Old Navy is giving away a million bucks to one lucky person this year (out of the first 500 in line at EVERY store - seems like QUITE a long shot!). Does Sephora usually have good sales? What madhouses do you girls plan on making an appearance to (if any) this year?

Re: Black Friday 2013

I remember last year they had Kat Von D Saint perfume (my favorite perfume EVER) for $10 on Cyber Monday.  I had my cart filled and ready to checkout as soon as it started, and there were so many people waiting that it crashed the site.  I had to try about 20 times before it let my order go through, but well worth it considering that perfume is $58 bucks regular. 

Re: Black Friday 2013

A little off-topic, but does anyone know of any other good (preferably online) Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals for ladies?  I've only participated in Sephora's BF, so I'm wondering if there are any other sites I should hit up Smiley Happy.


I'm picky about clothes and I have all the tech stuff I want, so I'm mostly interested in gifts/stocking stuffers (lots of ladies in the family to shop for!). Thanks!

Re: Black Friday 2013

Bath and body works is great !! Check it out Smiley Happy

Re: Black Friday 2013

Trying to keep this thread updated as much as possible. I have a feeling it will be more complete next week. 

Re: Black Friday 2013

rumor alert - Stila "In the Moment" Palette on sale for $20

Again, a rumor, but may in fact be true

Re: Black Friday 2013

I went to look at it and it's missing.  A good sign it's true?

Re: Black Friday 2013

Will Sephora Black Friday deals be available both in store and online ? I can't wait to find out what the deals will be Smiley Happy. I have a couple items on my "Loves" list that I've been wanting to purchase (they were sold out during the VIB 20% off sale)

Re: Black Friday 2013

Yes Smiley Happy online items go quick though.

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