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Bizarre Beauty Habits

I do this ridiculous thing where I keep, like, 964 lipsticks in my purse at the same time. Because clearly there will come a day where I need them all at once, you know. I recognize it's crazy, but keep doing it. I'll clean out my purse and a week later, they're all back in there.


So, what bizarre beauty related thing do you do?IMG_20170801_172627_hdr.jpg



Re: Bizarre Beauty Habits


Re: Bizarre Beauty Habits

Bizarre Beauty Habits



I put essential oils in my belly button. 

Lavender to relax, and smell beautiful all day. 

Tea tree to cleanse the body. 

Lemon to brighten skin. 

Almond to hydrate skin. 

Coconut to purify and hydrate. 


I feel weird when I do it, but it works. 


RE: Re: Bizarre Beauty Habits

Omg, I mean honestly though it's not a bad idea! 🙂

RE: Bizarre Beauty Habits

I do the same thing. I have a little makeup bag in my purse and I only carry lipstick in it. I think the weirdest thing I do is I buy a lot of eye makeup, but all I use on a regular basis is foundation, blush and lipstick. Other than the lipstick I only use one shade of the other two. I'm not sure why I buy so much eye makeup other than I think the packaging is pretty/cool.

Re: RE: Bizarre Beauty Habits

I'm actually the opposite. I wear a lot of eye shadow, but will buy all kinds of lipsticks and never wear them. lol

I almost always carry my brow pomade and brow brush with me

I almost always carry my brow pomade and brow brush with me

I have this new habit of putting my make up in order. The...

I have this new habit of putting my make up in order. The big bag has everything I need to wear always such as foundation, primer, highlighter and pressed powder. The rest are ordered by color from brown to nude. Then the small bag has the liner and mascaras. I find it easier to work with when I'm rushing to get my make up. I know exactly where to look or what bags to take if I can't do my make-up at home.

Re: Bizarre Beauty Habits

I'm only admitting this because it's an anonymous forum.  I'm so into spreadsheets and schedules and everything that I'm kind of embarrassed by it.  I have my outfits on a schedule, where I have them sectioned out by the temperature outside and how heavy or light the clothing is.  Once I wear the outfit, I mark an X beside it, and then once I've worn all the outfits I erase the X's and start over.

I decide which foundation and which mascara I'll wear beforehand, to make sure they all get circulated.

I have a makeup calendar for the year, segmented out partially by season (like wearing warmer colors in summer and cooler colors in winter), but also ensuring that I have some options available every month (like always having a red lipstick, pink lipstick, nude, and dark in my rotation for the month).

One time I kept track of the colors in all the eyeshadow palettes I had, so that I could make sure I tried all the colors.  I had over a hundred shadows, and it took over a year to get through all of them.

I also swatched my makeup and took notes on it all.  I have albums on my phone with swatches of my eyeshadows and lipsticks.  I also did swatches of my blushes, highlighters, and foundations.


Re: Bizarre Beauty Habits

Spreadsheet addiction is real!

That's awesome!!! Very good method to be able to wear and...

That's awesome!!! Very good method to be able to wear and try everything!

Hahaha, I do this too 😝😝 lots of times I wipe off my li...

Hahaha, I do this too 😝😝 lots of times I wipe off my lipsticks halfway thru the day and reapply something new

Re: Bizarre Beauty Habits

@RoadRageBarbie We like to carry variety in ours bags, nothing wrong with that 🙂

haha love it!! I carry absolutely nothing but lip gloss a...

haha love it!! I carry absolutely nothing but lip gloss and oil. here's my thought process: lip gloss always needs to be reapplied, and if anything happens to my makeup, I can use the oil to take it all off 😂 (and yes, I've had to do it). or the oil can be moisturizer. it's basically the most basic basics you can ever have!

Re: Bizarre Beauty Habits

I guess I'm bizarre in that I don't carry any makeup in my purse.

What? Nope. 

I stick whatever lipstick I'm wearing in my pocket (or else it sits in the car if no pockets that day), but that's it. 

I have a feeling that will change if I ever have a meltdown of some sort and need to fix something while I'm out, but I guess (knock on wood!) I've been lucky so far, so I've never really thought about it.

Re: Bizarre Beauty Habits

I finally stopped doing this but I used to keep everything in it's original box, even if it was something I used daily.

Re: Bizarre Beauty Habits

bizarre is relative, ain't it ? i have a habit of applying a bit of concealer down my nose once i've already applied a bit of powder. it shouldn't work, but i find it does. 


i don't carry a bag of lipstick, but i do carry a makeup bag full of whatever it is i'm wearing today. i think this is normal for some people, but quite strange for others. i just like to be prepared for any situation ! i also always have a nude lip option, as well as my black eyeshadow stick from NARS. 


i run a straightener through my curly hair not to straighten my hair but to gently loosen and elongate the curls. i'm not sure if that is a bizarre thing. it's counter intuitive though !

Re: Bizarre Beauty Habits

I used to carry a bag full of whatever makeup I was wearing that day until I finally found a foundation, blush and eye shadow that lasts all day. 

Re: Bizarre Beauty Habits

I keep a lipstick and a small hair comb in my bra at work, so I can touch up between meetings without having to go back to my desk (where my purse is locked up). It's not that I'm lazy; I just work in a huge building.

Re: Bizarre Beauty Habits

I don't think this is very bizarre, but when I paint my nails I start with my ring finger first, and then paint the rest. Never start on one side or the other.

Re: Bizarre Beauty Habits


I actually do find that a bit bizarre 😋

Odd, but fascinating. So when do you paint the pinkie? Is it second, or last?

I guess I'm boring with my technique...thumb to pinkie, all in order lol.

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