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Birthday present for mom.

Hi Ladies! I need some suggestions on gifts to buy my mom. Every year she tells me she doesn't want anything, so every year I search and search for something to get her. I decided to just ask for some input.

A little bit about here:

She doesn't wear makeup often--only on nights she goes out or days she feels like putting it on.

I am always looking for skincare options, I think that's what she is mostly interested in.

She has striking green eyes, dark hair, and light to sort of tannish skin w/ freckles.

(I know a weird description, but she is German. So not completely fair, but not necessarily tan.)


Really just any ideas I am open to, it doesn't even have to be beauty related. Thanks

for any suggestions!

Re: Birthday present for mom.

Hi brandiandi,


Have you thought about a skincare set or body set for your mom? My mom loves those sets, especially one with hand and foot creams.


I like the CakeWalk You Deserve This Set which has a super delicious smelling hand and foot cream that are ultra lightweight and conditioning on all skin types.


Cake Deserve Set.jpg


I also think the Caudalie Spa in a Box set is great for a luxury set of body care including a scrub, hand cream, beauty elixir spray, body butter and foot scrub.


Caudalie Spa in a Box.jpg


Does your mom like fragrances at all? We have some great fragrance sampler sets as well as box sets of perfume with matching lotions and shower gels. Check out this link here which has some great gift sets you may be interested in. Smiley Happy


I hope this can help you!




Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

I'm probably your Mom's age so maybe I can be helpful.  O...

I'm probably your Mom's age so maybe I can be helpful.  On days when I don't have time for much make-up, I just use moisturizer (with spf) and apply Nars Illuminator for a subtle hint of color.  I use the shade "Orgasm" but maybe that would be embarrassing to give your Mom.   I have fair skin and a darker shade in the Illuminator line might be better for your Mom anyway.  It is a sheer wash of color. 

Another suggestion would be to get your Mom a long scarf and show her the "new" ways of wearing it.  There are some great colors out there that anyone would love.

Your Mom says she doesn't need anything.  If it was my daughter (who lives 2000 miles away), I would just want her to take me to lunch and have a special time for the two of us.  I hope this helps.

Re: I'm probably your Mom's age so maybe I can be helpful. O...

I know how you feel. My mom lives in the States and I am here in Italy for 3 years. She definitely would just love a lunch date! Thank you for your suggestions!

Re: I'm probably your Mom's age so maybe I can be helpful. O...

Or you can go out shopping, and if her eye catches something you can buyy.

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