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Birthday Present

My friend's birthday is coming up and I want to get her something from sephora, what do you think would make a cute gift?

Re: Birthday Present

how old is she and what kind of products does she like (lipstick, gloss, blush, eyeshadow)?  Does she gravitate towards certain colors?

Re: Birthday Present

She's 13 and she likes lipglosses and blushes, she tends to use lighter pink/peachy colors and she has pretty normal skin.

Re: Birthday Present

do you have a price point?  $15-$20 or more? or less?

Re: Birthday Present

Around $15-$25

Re: Birthday Present

I just got this set for $17.  Three benefit products- 


Two are cheek/lip tints (one is light pink and the other a peachy color). And the other tint is a highlighter.  


Here is another great set from Benefit ($15): 

Posie tint is light pink cheek/lip tint. Girl Meets pearl is a great highlighter and "that gal" is a brightening face primer. 


Re: Birthday Present

Philosophy sets always make great gifts!

Too Faced always has really cute, girly sets and products with very wearable colors.

And Benefit has sets for lips and cheeks.

Re: Birthday Present

Is the Philosophy ice cream cart set available at sephora?

Re: Birthday Present

Re: Birthday Present

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