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Birthday Gift Ideas?

I'm shopping for my friend's birthday gift tomorrow at Sephora and I have no clue what to get her. She doesn't wear any makeup, but I have a gift card that I'd like to spend. I know Sephora has much more than just makeup, which is why I want to get her something from here.


She likes dry shampoo, lip balms, candles, face washes and bath stuff. Any recommendations?

Re: Birthday Gift Ideas?

So, what'd you end up getting her??

Re: Birthday Gift Ideas?

I think @beautylovingirl's suggestions is perfect. A bath set is something you can't go wrong with. Or a Fresh Sugar lip set. Your friend will certainly love any one of those.

Re: Birthday Gift Ideas?

I agree with Beautylovingirl and Prettyinpa on the Philosophy sets (although you can't go wrong with Cherrybombtastic's suggestion of Fresh either).


I think the Philosophy sets are just a bit cheerier and a tad more light hearted, the Fresh sets to me would be better suited for gifting in a more fancy or formal ocassion like a bridal shower just because the packaging is so clean and elegant.


When my bf moved from his place into mine he gave Philosophy sets to his neighbor and the apartment manager who he both knew, he didn't want to get too into personal territory with make up or skin care so he picked up a fragrance sample of the Grace scents and the margarita set (perfect for his neighbor, she's a wine/happy hour kind of gal) and they loved it!


We didn't even have to wrap or package the gifts any because the boxes the Philosophy items come in are so festive and cute already!

Re: Birthday Gift Ideas?

wow lylysa, your boyfriend is so nice. I did not know that we should/could give gift to apartment manager.

Re: Birthday Gift Ideas?

Soap and Glory has the Birthday Box! A nice shower gel and body lotion plus a cute pink pouf.


Philosophy also has a birthday set that has shampoo/showergel and lip balm.


Hope your friend has a great birthday!

Re: Birthday Gift Ideas?

I would get something from Fresh. They have so many lip balm and bath kits that any gift from that company would look nice. They also have different price ranges, too. I hope this helps and good luck!

Re: Birthday Gift Ideas?

Here's a good idea for a bath set from Philosophy


Especially with summer coming up-Fruit Daiquiri Beach Party Set

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