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Beyond Horrified!

Recently i signed up for a gym, there is a Man there who is the most disgusting pig on the planet, plus he's very rude!


let me just start by saying that i'm 5'4 and about 150 pounds, so i'm not the thinnest person in the bunch, but i'm actually very healthy and active, so regardless, the other day i was working out he literally walked over to me (i work out with a 40 year old women who is a little overweight) and i was alone, he goes to me "well good i'm glad your here, you don't wanna end up fat like your friend" and walked away,


i was beyond aggravated, there has been numerous times when he walks up to the machine im using and literally mid-use changes the weight from like 25 to 45 and tells me if i want to be pretty this is what i need to do. he'll stand there why i'm working out on the machines and watch me! 


i mean i have pretty tough skin, but i mean over time this man has become a nightmare, he even sells other women at my gym (or tries too) plans for weight loss and workout routines (even though the employee's are not allowed to do that) and he tells us don't be a**holes and tell the management and get him fired. 


personally, i go to an all women's gym, so this is the kind of behavior i was looking to avoid. 

i am beyond horrified with this man, i'm sick of dealing with it. i don't know what to do? 

Re: Beyond Horrified!

I am 5'2, 106 lb and a swimmer. If I were you, I'd beat the living crapola out of him! It would be embarrassing for a grown man to have me show him up.

and that weight changing is dangerous. I have heard of injuries from weights. You're supposed to CHALLENGE yourself at a good comfortable exercise that will make you tired- not overtrain at something that is not comfortable, but rigorous. USA Swimming tells us training tips and safe coaching practices, even to swimmers and avoiding injury in both pool and land. 

Where is this gym? I'd like to beat this MF up! 

And you aren't being an ahole reporting him, someone will be hurt then sue, so I say report becauss either way, he's going to get fired... Unless he faces an angry Princess Jenn, who might make him quit. 

Re: Beyond Horrified!

Oh no, what a terrible situation to be put in! 


Ewwww, so he works there? I guess that's why he thinks he can watch the women and give them advice. 


Um, if he has to tell people not to get him fired, he knows he's doing something wrong. 


I myself would probably switch to another gym because I try to avoid confrontations. However, I could see how reporting him would be more of a direct thing to do, and it might help the other women there. If they do not fire him, however, you will probably have to change gyms anyway. 

Re: Beyond Horrified!

Definity GET THAT PIG - MAN FIRED ! If the establishment does not bring him up on corrective actions, contact the ACLU Immediatly!

Re: Beyond Horrified!

Report him. Ugh. I can't stand a tool. 

Re: Beyond Horrified!



yesterday while working out i talked to a couple other girls my age who i see being harrased by him, we started talking and we eventually came to set up a meeting with the manager regarding his behavior and how it makes us uncomfortable, the meeting is next week but i will let you know how it goes Smiley Happy



thank you all for your amazing advise and help, you have made this much easier on me <3 

Re: Beyond Horrified!

Yes.... Going in as a united group is best.  That way he can't say "oh, she must have misunderstood"

Good luck, I think this will get you the resolution that you need and deserve.

Please be sure to report back Smiley Happy


Re: Beyond Horrified!

So happy for you annonymous1! I continued to think about your post and situation long after I'd gotten off BT last night. I'm glad to hear that you have found support from other gym patrons and that management is taking you all seriously. Fingers crossed that meeting produces a reasonable resolution. <3

Re: Beyond Horrified!



so i met with the manager and my 4 friends who we're all dealing with this guy, apparently this wasn't his first offense and the manager had him kind of on a trial basis because he was doing things like this before. 


i found out the day before my meeting that he was being careless with credit card information, he would take photocopies and leave them around the gym or on desks etc and i told the manager about this too, she was so amazed that he was being so unprofessional 


she apologized and told us that as long as we have been going to that gym she will give us free months in return for having to deal with him, i got 6 free months and so did most of the other girls. i was so grateful.


on his way out though he called us all little b*tches and how we made him loose his job and blah blah whatever, but i'm glad he's gone for good!


thank you all for your help and advise <3 

Re: Beyond Horrified!

That's wonderful!  I'm sure a lot of other women are grateful for you speaking up! Way to go!

Re: Beyond Horrified!

What a d*** head! I'm glad he's gone for good! People like that make me scared to go to the gym. I signed up to Planet Fitness last year and THOUGHT it was supposed to be a "judgement free zone". Anyway, I quit going after a week then decided to just make use of the outdoors instead, but now I'm wanting to go back because of certain machines there I like. Undecided. Anyway, that's great you got 6 mo. FREE! Lucky duck Smiley Happy

Re: Beyond Horrified!

i signed up for planet fitness about a year ago, and i agree with you it was very judgedy i got really bad vibes while working there.


the outdoors are great, i've found a mixture of both is really good. 

Re: Beyond Horrified!

That's wonderful news!  So glad that you and the others handled this horrible situation with class and smarts, and that the manager responded so positively. Heart


On a serious note, please be more cautious than usual when parking at the gym.  A creep like that might try something underhanded like damaging your car.  Find out what areas are covered by the gym's security cameras and try to park there.  Fingers crossed that they HAVE cameras.  Don't mean to freak you out but he seems like the type.

Re: Beyond Horrified!

no i know of course! i always park in the first row by the sec. cameras Smiley Happy

Re: Beyond Horrified!

This is very very good advice - I don't want to scare the OP, but it sounds like this guy has major anger management and boundary issues, so being cautious is a definitely a good plan.  If possible, you might want to figure out what the policy is for him being on the premises.  If he's allowed back in the gym as a customer or something you may want to prepare yourself for the possibility of running into him.  If he's banned from the premises, you should ask who to talk to in the event that he comes back anyway.


Good for you, though, you made that place a lot safer and comfortable for everyone who goes there!  That takes a lot of cojones, to stand up to such a bully!

Re: Beyond Horrified!

Good for you! You may also want to watch your credit card though since you know he had and was careless with the information and seems pissed off...

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