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Best over-the-door makeup organizer (saved my life!)

I found a $13 dollar organizer on Amazon that saved my life! If you're like me-short on bathroom space but not on makeup- this could be a huge help. I don't lose makeup anymore (mostly Smiley Happy )

It's called the DAZZ 42-Pocket Over-the-Door Organizer.

I just wanted to recommend it to you lovelies, because it helped me so much.

This is my actual door. I cannot explain the tinyness and sidewayness of how the picture uploaded, though Smiley Sad

Re: Best over-the-door makeup organizer (saved my life!)

I got one of these at Target for the laundry room that's the size of a shoe box for all our cleaning supplies. 

I don't like keeping my makeup in the bathroom due to all the moisture & heat. In our new home the master is huge so I'm actually ordering a vanity from PBteen. I have a feeling it still won't be enough for all my products though :/ 


Re: Best over-the-door makeup organizer (saved my life!)

I need this in my What a great find!! It reminds me of a shoe organizer I had, but better...and you can see everything, so it's easily accessible. A+! Smiley Happy

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