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Best Vanity for extremely dark rooms?

Hey guys! I was looking for a nice vanity for pretty dark rooms. I was considering getting a Broadway Lighted Vanity Mirror in Gloss White (I'd want to stick with white) but wanted your opinions! If I did that I would get an original beauty box. The room is pretty tiny and has wooden walls and not much lighting besides one bulb up top /: Any suggestions? 

Re: Best Vanity for extremely dark rooms?

I agree with tashalicious! Having a light up vanity is a great way to ensure that your makeup will go on beautifully.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Best Vanity for extremely dark rooms?

I have a small half room as well, so no natural light comes in. The best light ive used is the ottlite makeup mirror, really bright and white. I just recently switched to floxrite, i got it on Q. I wanted to switch up the design  and match my room. its actually not as white and bright but i kind of like it better since im light sensitive.


For the hollywood mirror you probably just need to get white light bulbs.

Re: Best Vanity for extremely dark rooms?

i'm no expert on vanities since i don't have one, but for a very dark room i think a mirror like this would help



Re: Best Vanity for extremely dark rooms?

here's another, i like the fact that you can sit it on any surface

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