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Being Quiet in Sephora

Does anyone else have the issue in Sephora with being a little too passive to get service? I am rather soft spoken and generally just stand around waiting for someone to ask me if they can help. Sometimes this happens right away, but more often than not I stand around awkwardly for 15 minutes. When I have asked for help, I generally have apparently asked someone from the wrong department, and am told to talk to someone in skincare/makeup/perfume/etc. 


Honestly not trying to complain, I am just curious if other quiet people have had the same issue. 

Re: Being Quiet in Sephora

@Bigoni It depends on the associate. Try not to hesitate to ask one for help. I’ve occasionally gotten huffed at but more often than not they help with a smile. I have a softer voice and tend to be quiet too but I don’t want to waste my time either waiting around.  It’s part of their job and they can usually help very quickly since they are experts.  I’ve found if I want a sample take the bottle to an associate. I’ve never had anyone at Sephora tell me it’s not their department when I walk up to them with the tester. 

Re: Being Quiet in Sephora

It probably depends on location - I'm in a city so the Sephora stores near me always have like hundreds of people in them so you really can't just stand there and hope someone realizes you need help. But whenever I have asked for help all the employees are always super helpful and nice in my experience :-) 

It seems like somebody is always hovering over me (like t...

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Sephora stores can be very hit and miss for me. The one d...

Sephora stores can be very hit and miss for me. The one downtown seems to be full of the huffy sort that are annoyed to do their jobs. while the one in the suburbs is always very sweet to me without being smothering. I have horrible anxiety so it takea courage just to go into a store, but once I find a good one, I stick to it, even if it means a drive.

I actually shop at Sephora because it's easy to get help....

I actually shop at Sephora because it's easy to get help. There have been a couple exceptions, but usually someone asks if I need help within a few minutes. And I recommend it to my friends who also don't know that much about makeup. During the recent sale, my local store was using a buzzer system (like at a restaurant). I'd never seen that before

I have the same issue. And when I ask for samples, they g...

I have the same issue. And when I ask for samples, they give me the dirtiest looks and huff & puff. It's their job.. I try to buy online as much as possible now.

Re: Being Quiet in Sephora

This is so strange to me! In my case the Sephora employees are always eager to help and stand around constantly asking if you need help and offering baskets to carry around while you shop. The only times I've had employees not flock me as soon as I walk in is if they're really busy and can't help me right away. Anyways, I hope the employees where you shop become more aware of their customers!

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