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Beauty pageant

Some of you may have heard this a couple months ago: a 8 years old got some botox done because she was concerned with her wrinkles, and her mom went on a TV show (can't remember which one) to explain that it was her daughter's choice. Since I heard the news on the radio one morning, me and a fellow teacher started a project on beauty and the limits of what you are willing to do (well, she did most of it, I just had the idea!!!).  But for the project, I started to watch TLC's Toddlers and tiaras and I'm in shock of what some parents make their kids do. Some of them seems to enjoy it, but others girls clearly don't want to do it and you hear the parent says: oh she loves it. But when the little girl is asked if she rather go out with daddy to play soccer or practice for the pageant, she wants to go with daddy!!


Anyway, I didn't start this thread to judge those parents, some of the kids really seems to enjoy it. I've in pretty high level of sports, and some parents are completely nuts in there as well! I don't know a thing about pageants world, I don't think we have any here in Quebec, but to put a 2 years old through spray tan and false eyelashes, does it give the girls the right notion of what beauty is? Some of them look like they're 16 years old and they are only 6! So I'm wondering, how far our society is willing to go for the name of beauty?

Re: Beauty pageant

You make a good point! But like you said, the beauty pagent is just as competative as any sport or competition.

Re: Beauty pageant

That is pretty interesting. O think some people are willing to go through a lot for beauty, look at the rise in plastic surgery. People are willing to undergo surgery, with all the risks associated, just to look "beautiful". Girls in their early teens getting breast augmentation, ughh. Look at Heidi Montag, Tori Spelling, etc. they look so unnatural. I saw a story once where a woman underwent liposuction because she felt it would make her more attractive, she ended up dying in surgery. Her husband was so upset with the doctors and the whole plastic surgery industry. But it was his wife's choice to alter her body and she paid the ultimate price. I don't really care what people do with their bodies, as it is their choice, but I definitely think young girls should be
made aware of the dangers and these pageants are not good for them.

Re: Beauty pageant

@glamournut: I agree, some stars are way over the top with surgery!!!


@brookie: Yeah, I saw that episode too, and it broke my heart to see that sweet child knows she's not her mom favorite and she tries her hardest to please her... Another one that stays on my mind was (I think) a 3 years old with a big diva attitude. The kid was a total brat and so mean to her mom (she even whispered in her mom's ears that she didn't like her!!). And when the mom is interviewed, she said that her kid's attitude was still cute at her age. Ehhhh, not really! She had a big meltdown backstage and yelling stuff that made no sense to me at her mom, that's not cute! She even said that her daughter was more like a friend...She's 3, not a grown-up!!!


@prettyinpa: That what worries me the most, I mean an 8 years old does not have wrinkles! I'm 27 and don't (luckily for me) have any!!!!

Re: Beauty pageant

I've only watched a few episodes of Toddler's & Tiaras, and it disgusts me.


Take a look at the parents. Most of them either don't have the best looks, to put it nicely, or have a ton of makeup on. Some look like they have had botox, etc.

It makes me wonder if something happened in THEIR childhood as far as beauty that upset them and made them self conscious.

So NOW, they decided, hey, if I can't be a beautiful star, my CHILD can! Some of them had a kid just to put the kid in pageantry.

Others were beauty queens and want their kids to follow in their footsteps and be prize-winning girls.


But how far is too far?

In my opinion, entering them in anything besides a NATURAL beauty pageant, in which the kids are not allowed to wear makeup or super expensive, high end ballgowns.


Think about it- these six, five, even FOUR year old kids are:

-Spray tanned.


-Forced to practice walking for hours. (How boring can that be for a toddler?)

-Judged by strangers in front of strangers.


and more.

What really disgusted me on that show however, was the mom who played favorites with her twin girls. It was apparent she liked one more than the other, even the kids knew it. I felt so bad for the one who wasn't her favorite, because she was a sweet kid, and the "Favorite" twin was a total brat.


I don't really think you should judge kids on their appearance until they are old enough to handle it. It can have life long, scarring effects.

Re: Beauty pageant

brookie673 brings up an important point. 2 hours of hardcore practice feels like eternity for a toddler. When it comes to children, if you give them a time-out, you're supposed to use 1 minute for every year that they have been born. So if the child is 3 years old, then they need a 3 minute time out. 2 years old is a 2 minute time out and so on. People do that because to us, 2 minutes is nothing but to a 2 year old it feels like FOREVER. Thats why they usually kick and scream 15 seconds into the time out. So super long practices are NOT fun for them, they are more like torture.

Re: Beauty pageant

I agree with so many points made here -- and while I normally love train wreck reality shows, I stopped watching this one after we had to see a five year old cry while having her eyebrows waxed. I just couldn't do it.


@Brookie: I saw that episode with the twins, too -- the mother overtly favored the one, and it was so sad to watch.


@sephoramusthave / etc.: I think you're absolutely right about the moms. This is going to sound so harsh, but look at some of them...they're not beauty queens. Frequently they're morbidly obese and -- while I don't want to say unattractive, I will say that they put all their time and energy into their daughters' appearances, and it's obvious they live vicariously through them. I don't know if they grew up envying beauty queens, but it all seems so unfair to me. Yes, some of them seem to have fun -- and that's all it should be -- fun. These people, though, take it so seriously, and I think the girls must feel as if they're disappointing mom when they don't win. I can't watch any of it anymore -- they look like little women, which is the most disgusting part -- they even have fake teeth to appear more adult. I'm sorry, but a six year old IS frequently missing teeth; it's just a fact of life. To have a six year old spray tanned, shimmying around in heels, false lashes, adult teeth and a sparkly halter -- no one is EVER going to convince me that any part of it is okay. If these pageants were entirely age appropriate -- in terms of talent, clothing, no makeup, etc. -- it's still kind of unhealthy to compete for beauty at that age. This is just child exploitation in a lot of ways...just my opinion. Rant over.

Re: Beauty pageant

also, @ohhenri about the original post -- it supposedly came out later that the mother had lied about the botox, and a doctor swore that he somehow tested the kid and did not find the presence of botox -- so she claims she said this basically to earn money for an interview. However -- even if she did not inject botox in her daughter, I believe there are moms out there who do.



Re: Beauty pageant

@kaite: I only ever watched that show once, too. Like prettyinpa said, how many of those kids are going to end up with eating disorders or worse??? What on earth can their parents be thinking to instill that level of superficiality at such a young age? It saddens me deeply to see girls being indoctrinated to focus SO MUCH on outer appearance ( let alone over sexualizing CHILDREN).. I know it's funny that we are makeup junkies affectionadoes talking about this, but everything in moderation, right????

Re: Beauty pageant

I think that this is a case of parents trying to live vicariously through their children. It's unhealthy, for both the kids and parents.I don't think that it is proper for parents to "push" their kids in anything, be it sports, beauty contests or whatever, let them be kids, there is such a short window of that carefree innocence that nothing should spoil it.


I would wonder how these beauty pageant kids turn out- do they have increased risk of eating disorders, body dissatisfaction issues, etc?  Just not worth it, to me.

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