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Beauty Tips Ladies!!

So i'm curious to know about all the beauty tricks and tips we all use. 

There are so many so if you care to share any that you love and find effective i'd appreciate it!

From skincare tips, to makeup tricks from experts, please share!

Re: Beauty Tips Ladies!!

A super-fine mist atomizer or spray bottle (to contain setting sprays for foundations). A fog-like atomizer/sprayer produces expert studio make-up finish. There are pro makeup artists that use a "mister" appliance for this. They are costly and difficult to find. There are cool mist atomizers which cost less (and r hand-held which do not require an external energy source - ie. plug-in/batteries). I use mine w/ a combination of distilled water, rosewater & witch hazel). Some prefer mineral water or Evyan type water as a mild setting agent (spray). Super fine mist/fog like mist is key in providing a "pro" result instead of a drip-drop runny mess; which can spoil one's focussed efforts in achieving a flawless result.

Re: Beauty Tips Ladies!!

IMPORTANT added note: Do not let isopropyl alcohol rubbing alcohol in cleansing vessel/cupmake extended contact w/metal retainer of bristles as alcohol is a solvent and can damage these. Swish bristles around in the container w/the cleansing product. Do not dunk and slosh it around as this ruins the line/form of the brush. Gently blot  brushes in a thirsty 100% cotton cloth or  large cotton ball. Lay flat to drip or suspended bristle side down (there r special stands for this/i made my own). Less costly brushes have an adhesive (glue) inside the base of the bristles held by the metal retainer - alcohol can break that down & damage, impede bristle quality. Added note: (do not soak brushes in alcohol compounds - makes bristles dry & prone to breakage; this applies to both natural & synthetic bristle brushes). There is isopropyl rubbing alcohol that is of lower alcohol content. Some pro makeup artists use witch hazel (they cleanse brushes daily) in place of the rubbing alcohol because it is less drying. Treat bristles kindly (like your own hair) and your makeup brushes WILL last so much longer.

Re: Beauty Tips Ladies!!

A professional tip on prepping to apply, conserve & avoid powder residues on your dressing table/vanity counter. Most studio make-up artists have this in their cache of beauty savant secrets. It was employed by Japan's geisha & actresses.Who doesn't want to avoid foundation product being wasted & powder residue in your cosmetic applications' workspace?  We don't have to use parchment paper here in the USA but we have it (can be costly to use daily).You can use freezer paper,wax paper or parchment (used for baking). Place a sheet of any of above said paper that is long enough to cover your current beauty application session (shiny side up - if u r using wax or freezer paper-therz a reason 4 this) - parchment paper isn't shiny so it doesn't matter. You'll want (at least) 12 - 18 inches worth of paper (depending on how much space u have) if you are appying any powder foundation, blush, finishing, or HD lighting type, powders (espec. HD mineral formulations).  Place your brushes & powders containers down on the paper (like paperweights)  to keep it in place if the ends roll up on you. Stand/sit close to the area you set paper  & makeup down on. After applying moisturizers & primers, begin applying your powder. If you have ever noticed -  a good amount of any/all powder (product) falls away onto this "working area" of application, If you run a clean white tissue across it you will c 4 yourself how much costly product (powder foundation) can go to waste or make a mess on your counter, As the paper is clean you can swirl your brush along it and collect up the excess powder and use it on your face - afterall the paper is clean. Instead of swirling inside pots of foundation - where u can damage bristles, I have a 9 x 13 inch tray which i line w/wax paper and do my gentle swirling or patting onto so as not to damage the bristles on my costly brushes). Discard paper when finished. As 4 cleaning fine brushes, i dip them into a short dixie cup or glass of 70% rubbing alcohol (as a once a weekly cleanse) and for daily cleanse for my brushes i use the Pantene 2 in 1 shampoo + conditioning product or Tresenne moisturizing shampoo in some DISTILLED  water (w/o minerals - which makes a big difference in the rinsing out of the shampoo product) - distilled water is soft water and provides is the best rinsing agent, You can buy it @most grocery stores.

Re: Beauty Tips Ladies!!

I never buy brush cleaner. I use a good bar of soap, like dove sensitive or cetaphil anti-bacterial, and it works perfectly. I dont use day creams, but straight up sunscreen in the AM (not moisturizers with SPF, but just plain SPF).


Saves me a bundle.

Re: Beauty Tips Ladies!!

instead of using expensive makeup brush cleaner i use anti-bacterial dish soap i use the dawn green bottle or try the clean dawn soap its clear if you have sensitive skin and mix that with extra virgin olive oil and make sure to rinse really good works great

Re: Beauty Tips Ladies!!

I've heard of using baby shampoo but never really tried it! I will try it! I don't like the cleanser that are made for brushes cause you have to use so much! And it can get expensive!!!

Re: Beauty Tips Ladies!!

I would like to know what the credit cards are used for exactly? I know different people have their own tips or tricks but I've never heard of or seen anybody incorporate plastic.  As to a tip of my own, when you finish using your brushes (especially the nice and expensive ones) do not use the brush cleaner spray that most counters carry.  Instead, use Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo to clean the brushes very well and use warm, (not hot) water.  Pat dry with a cloth towel and line them up to dry.  Some of my brushes are 10 years old and still look new because I have taken care of them.  I have never liked the brush cleansers sold at counters.  They do not get your brushes completely clean, and even the supposed gentle cleansers are too chemically harsh on your brushes

Re: Beauty Tips Ladies!!

You can use credit cards, or the edge of a flexible but hard edge item to create a strong contour line that can be buffed out/softened down or to create a strong angle on the edge of eyes for a cat/wing eye as a guide for liner or shadow.


You can also use it under your eye to catch shadow fall out!

Re: Beauty Tips Ladies!!

To correct very dark under eye circles without caking on corrector and/or concealer,  apply a peachy lip pencil to the dark areas (only) then press on concealer.  Circles reduces without layers of product.  Plus the lip pencils have more staying power

Re: Beauty Tips Ladies!!

A simple yet dramatically different tip would be applying mascara to the inside of your lashes as well. 



Re: Beauty Tips Ladies!!

Here's one I like to use for pimples.


While concealer hides discoloration, you can still see the blemish due to it's 3D nature (couldn't think of a better way to put it), you can still see, to help disguise it even more. Conceal it all over with a shade that is a little lighter than your skin tone, then with a small brush apply a darker color at the highest point of the blemish. This helps to counteract the normal shadows that would be there. 


It's not a perfect method, but can help when you feel like there's a mountain on your forehead or chin (usually where I get these ones).


I have also heard the bursh and roll technique, I just do it with my powder brush Smiley Happy


Also when winging out eye liner, the wing will be slightly different on each eye, since there are most likely subtle differences in shape between both your eyes! For liner to look (relatively) symmetrical, you may have to wing the liner on one eye higher and the other lower.

Re: Beauty Tips Ladies!!

Great tips so far!!! Thanks ladies. 

I like to mix alittle Argan oil in my foundation or primer to give some extra needed hydration!

A Great tip i heard from a makeup artist is to Buy a full coverage foundation, always, You can sheer it out with a damp sponge and you'll use less of it and it will last awhile, and on days when you need more coverage you can customize it! I really liked that tip.

Another one is when applying a finishing powder, Don't sweep the brush across your face, it can move your makeup around. Instead buy a powder puff, or press and roll your brush onto your face, Great tip!!

Re: Beauty Tips Ladies!!

When applying moisturizer, pat/press it onto your face insteading of rubbing.

I like to spray a little fix + to my brushes before applying foundation/blush.

Save your credit cards/plastic cards, you can also use that on your eyes when applying shadows and liner.

For oily skin, if you highlight, use matte if possible. Don't want to look like you're oily when its highlighter.

I like using a stippling brush to apply my blush. Gives a nice glow and use less product

For those who's eyelashes don't hold up, use a heated eyelash curler or even use a blow dryer to your eyelash curler and then curl your lashes.

Use lesser foundation if possible and more concealer. Will make your makeup less cakey, at least to me LOL

When you get a pimple that you didn't ask for or if you're starting to feel a bump, apply some neosprin onto it. It works for me. Try it out! The bump/pimple will be almost gone over night.

When choosing concealer for under eyes, choose a shade a lighter than your foundation, this can also act as highlight.

When choosing foundation, be cafeful of the shade. Shade is not what is it when inside the bottle. Through out the day, as we produce oil, your foundation will get darker. So don't choose a shade too dark.

When applying foundation, apply it to only the places you need it and blend out, this will prevent cakeyness and will have a more of a natural look.

Having trouble with removing waterproof makeup? Try using a bit of baby oil on a cotton pad or even olive oil.



Re: Beauty Tips Ladies!!

My favorite tricks or techniques are

Using a shimmery shade on my tear duct to make my eyes look brighter.

Using eyedrops to look prettier, white eyes say your healthy and young

Shimmery shadow on my cupids bow to make my lips look more shapely

Adding vitamin e oil to my lotion at night to heal dry patches or past blemishes

Curling my lashes after I put on my mascara, make sure it's dry

I use lotion to prep my skin instead of primer, not a fan


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