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Beauty Insider Cards

When I got to  Sephora inside a JcPenny, I call Sephora to get my beauty points and the woman on the phone always ask for either my email or my Beauty Insider Card. Is there a Beauty Insider Card? If so how do I get one?

Re: Beauty Insider Cards

As most of the other responses to your question say, ask to receive a Beauty Insider card from a stand-alone Sephora store.  I did sign up online a few years ago, and I received mine in the mail.  I don't know if that is still something that is done though.  As for Sephora Inside JCPenney, they do not currently have the Beauty Insider cards nor can they just scan your card if you have one; their systems are set up separate from the stand-alone stores, so they either take your BI card number and write it down in order to call in the purchase later on or you can do it yourself as you've been doing.  I live about 5 minutes from a Sephora in JCP, and I'm always having to call in purchases, so recently I've been driving the 20 minutes to the stand-alone at a nearby mall in order to avoid that hassle.  The other thing I haven't seen mentioned that you should know is that any purchases you make at a Sephora in JCP don't count towards the VIB program.  That really frustrates me because before I knew that, I was spending hundreds at the JCP location and not getting any credit toward upgrading my membership.

Re: Beauty Insider Cards

like Cortnie, my nearby FS wouldn't give me one for ages. The other FS near me though offered it for making things easier for me! Ask to talk to the director, they will for sure know it is possible and how to do it. If they don't, have them call Customer Service who will direct them in how to. I've had instances where the lovelies who also monitor the Sephora Facebook page have messaged me on FB while I was in the store and called the store directly or had me tell them to call CS. 


Bit of a hassle but you can get a card! I do not believe SiJCP has them, at least mine does not. 


In the meantime, ask them for your BI number and you can use that everytime you call in, since that is what they want off the card anyway.

Re: Beauty Insider Cards

Next time you're in a stand alone Sephora you can ask for one. I got one years ago but lost mine and they were able to give me another one and transfer all my points and purchase history to the new card. Plus, you get a key chain card with a regular size card. I just put the small key card on my key ring, so I have my card all the time. I hope this helps!

Re: Beauty Insider Cards

you can get one at any store usually ! maybe they just don't give them out in JC Penney? but i definitely reccommend getting one it saves you the trouble of having to say your email everytime you make a purchase, you can just pull out your card Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Insider Cards

I buy online and in the store, and when I asked the sales associate inside the store at the checkout if I may have a card (even though I registered online) so I didn't have to give my email address everytime (espeically since my name is spelled weird)... and she said "no, since you signed up online - just give your email to your account."


Weird, I thought...

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