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Beauty Careers?

I realize that this forum/discussion board is primarily centered around Q&As and advice on products, however, I am wondering more about careers for makeup and beauty enthusiasts!


What are some professions or ways to become involved other than attending cosmetology or beauty school? What are some of the higher end jobs in the beauty industry and how do you go about pursuing such careers?

Re: Beauty Careers?

I agree with Keely. Unless you want to learn how to do special effects makeup beauty school is something that isn't necessary UNLESS you decide to get certified if you want to do more freelance work. The primary reason I say this is due to the fact that you can usually make a lot more money if you are certified and it just puts clients in a better state of mind.


I'd highly recommend working for a makeup counter to really get your feet wet and then just consider certification if you want to start doing your own gigs. Learn as much as you can during your time at a counter/store. Practice on different skin tones, textures, eye shapes, and on people of all ages. 


Other career paths are working behind the scenes like myself and the other mods! All of us have an extensive background within the beauty industry. I personally love applying makeup to others, but wanted to focus on teaching and use my background in writing.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Beauty Careers?

Hi Smash6086.  It really depends on what kind of job you are interested in.   If you want to be a make up artist, unless you want to do special effects for movies, I think beauty school is a waste of time.  They can teach you theory and you can practice on people at the school, but you really aren't going to get the diverse experience that will allow you to thrive. I truly believe that the best experience is starting out at a makeup counter.  Most don't require experience and you have the opportunity to work on a wide array of people.  To advance in makeup artistry, it takes talent, connections and luck. It also helps to be a man, but if you can't be a man refer back to the other three lol

Re: Beauty Careers?

That definitely seems to be the response I have been getting lately! But I am not only interested in makeup artistry, but the industry itself. I would love to get involved with a makeup counter to start, become a makeup artist, then progress my way up the ladder, but what are some jobs beyond that? Such as product development, beauty expertise, skincare, advertising, management etc.

Re: Beauty Careers?

For the business part of the beauty industry you would need to get an MBA. I have a friend who's an associate editor at Allure, and she has a Bachelors in Journalism & is going for her Masters in Marketing right now. Another friend works for an advertising firm & he has no interest in the beauty industry, but all his accounts are makeup & skincare because he's good at his job & that's what they give to him. 

You really need to sit down & figure out what exactly you want to do, where do you see yourself 10 years from now & go from there. 

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