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Beauty Bar Sample Society

I've been looking into possibly getting a subscription to a monthly beauty box. I'm kinda becomming obsessed with trying new products out. Smiley Happy I was curious if anyone has tried out the Beauty Bar Sample Society boxes? Have you been happy with them or do you recommend another beauty box?  Or with your experience would you stay away from these and get samples another way? Thank you Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Bar Sample Society

NEW BEAUTY is the most expensive..30 dollars a month, but you get all full sized products from exclusive brands you have actually heard of like nars..bliss..etc....i tried the sample society and personally was VERY dissapointed the brands were not on the higher end..i cancelled after two boxes..unless they have now changed it Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Bar Sample Society

Check out the site - lots of boxes reviewed and shown

Re: Beauty Bar Sample Society

I love Sample Society. I suggest Google Image search the different months to see if you like what they offer. I have found a lot of good products through Sample Society. 

Re: Beauty Bar Sample Society

I have both Glossybox and Sample Society and I like them for different reasons.  Glossybox features a lot of British brands we don't see much of here in the States, which I think is fun.  I would say I like 75-80% of the products, while others I could take or leave.  Also, the packaging is really nice.  However, the boxes generally arrive late and I've heard their customer service is spotty from others, though once they forgot something in my box and sent me a replacement plus another freebie right away.


Sample Society, I've only received one box so far, so it's hard to say definitively.  I enjoyed last month's box because I got to try out higher end brands and products I may have otherwise overlooked.  For example, I found an exfoliant scrub that I really like and will probably order in full size.  Also, they give you $15 off the featured brands of that month, which is pretty cool.


If I were to pick one, it would probably be Glossybox, due to my interest in brands from across the pond.  It's also just more "fun" to me, in general, and that's the point of these boxes, right?

Re: Beauty Bar Sample Society

I think Sample Society is good if you are looking for really high end skincare or somewhat more niche brands for makeup. I quite like Glossybox! But generally I prefer to save my money, get samples of whatever I am looking for in store, and not add to my growing pile of stuff, haha!

Re: Beauty Bar Sample Society

Thank you @nebel! I did a search before I posted this but couldn't get it to come up for some reason. I appreciate you providing me the link Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Bar Sample Society

There are a couple of threads where people talk about their favorites.  see here:


I think that you will get as many opinions on the "best" service as there are on Beauty Talk! It truly is to each her own!


Personally, I cancelled the Beauty Bar one because it was more expensive and I thought Birchbox was overall better for the value.  Others feel differently.  Good luck!

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