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Be careful when you post pix on BT

Guys.....I dont know if you noticed this or not, but the pictures you post on BT end up on google images. I found 2 of my pictures from my BT profile on google images, and when I typed in several other usernames into google images, I got all of the personal pictures that those people posted here on BT. If you dont care/mind, then awesome but I know that a lot of people might not be comfortable with having personal photos on google images. Heads up.

Re: Be careful when you post pix on BT

Thank you for noticing! Wow, good thing my username's so generic. I'm pulling out all personal pictures now.

Re: Be careful when you post pix on BT

Good of you to remind us of this. I was shocked the first time I Googled my screen name how much of my Beauty Talk posts show up. I've always used a CGI avatar and I think I only have 3 other pics in my album, one of my arm with NAKED 2 swatches, but nothing more personal than that. lol

Re: Be careful when you post pix on BT

Fortunately, my name is pretty generic. I also have not posted anything really personal online in over 3 years, with the exception of a picture of my tattoo removal progress on yelp. The website (which posts everything about you, your home address, phone number, anything connected to you online) really got me paranoid about having my information out there for the entire world to see. (If you're on, you can send an e-mail to them and they'll remove you)

Re: Be careful when you post pix on BT

Hi everyone!  Great reminder sephoramusthave!  Just about everything you post on the internet (anywhere!) is searchable in one way or another.  Here is our guidelines again for your reference>  


The most important regarding privacy are as follows:


Privacy. BeautyTalk is a public forum widely accessible on the Internet. Whenever participating in any online community, always remember that what you post is viewable by the general public. Please do not post any confidential or potentially embarrassing information about yourself or anyone else. Posting someone else's confidential information will result in the termination of your access to these services. Information that you should never post includes the following: 

  • Your full name
  • Your telephone number
  • Your mailing address
  • Your credit card number(s)
  • Your social security number
  • Your Beauty Insider number
  • Order numbers
  • Other receipt information 
  • Personal email address

I hope that helps Smiley Happy


xo, Mia

Re: Be careful when you post pix on BT

Thank goodness for watermarking!  I figured the pictures I've posted of my nails would show up through Google, but I never got around to googling it.  Since I post the same nail pictures on Instagram for the nail art community, I watermark them in case one of the "fashion accounts" tries to steal them.  It's handy that my username is the same for here and IG lol.  I may start watermarking the ones I upload to my Facebook album, even though my FB account is supposed to be private.



As an Instagram user, what I'm finding creepy is how many online viewers there are for the app.  I didn't know there were that many sites that link to Instagram.  If Instagram is smart, they'll figure out how to take care of that.  


Re: Be careful when you post pix on BT

Thank you for reminding me too! I appreciate this as I tend to like to be private especially online.

Re: Be careful when you post pix on BT

I'm glad that people are noticing theses things. I am an advocate for freedom computing, and work with social media. We need to be really careful about what we put on the internet and into our minds.


We all care about our bodies and looks, but a healthy mind is an important part of staying beautiful. In this digital age we are surrounded by things that are taking control of us. We need to take back our privacy. These guys talk about it a lot







Re: Be careful when you post pix on BT

Also I dont think I mentioned this...but if you are emailing pictures through the BT private email, the pictures automatically get put into your profile for everyone to see. I did that once, and automatically had to delete my picture. So heads up on this as well....just because you are sending a picture through the BT email doesnt mean that only that person that you are sending the picture to sees your photo.

Re: Be careful when you post pix on BT

Thx for the reminder!  I see me when i google, I don't like that at all.

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