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Bad Store Experience

Hey guys, just so you all know, this happened about a week ago. But it has been bothering me a bit, so I decided that i'd post about it.


So last weekend I was in Sephora, and beforehand I looked online to make sure that all of the things on my list were in stock in store. When I went to the Stila section, I saw that the one step correct primer wasn't on the shelf, even though that online it said that it was in stock. So I asked an associate if they had any more. You could just tell that she was in a BAD mood that day. She was like *sigh* "I guess I'll check for you if you really want me to." So I had her check and she just opened the drawer beneath the display where they keep the extras. She barely glanced at the drawer before she closed it and said, "Sorry we're out." But I saw that it was in stock online, so I politely asked her to open the drawer again and look a bit closer. She gave me an even bigger sigh, and opened it again. This time, I was able to look into the drawer and I saw the product that I needed sitting right there, and there were about 10 of them. I pointed it out, and she reluctantly gave me the product, then slammed the drawer behind her. 


I'm used to getting bad service from SA's, just because they glare at me while I shop, mostly because I'm still in high school. But I have never gotten this type of service before. I was always polite to her, and she literally made me feel like I was a complete inconvenience. I don't think that an SA should ever treat a customer like that. First of all, I'm a paying customer, and second, it's their job to help people in the store. 


Let me know what you think of this experience, and if you've ever experienced anything similar in a Sephora store.


edit: A lot of you are all saying to report her to a manager or call a corporate office. As I stated, I am still in high school, and I'm not sure if I would be able to handle that situation, plus I probably wouldn't be taken seriously. I really just posted this to get it off of my chest.

Re: Bad Store Experience

I too had a awful experience at Sephora today, when picking out my 100 point reward. The sales associate was so rude and acted like she didn't want to help me. experiences like this are the reason I shop online at After this year I give up on the VIB/VIB Rouge. It's not worth it for the money I spend to be treated so poorly. Many sephora sales associates have nasty attitudes and it is so unnecessary. That is why I try to only go into the store to see swatches, but do the actual ordering online. I hope corporate does something about the store associates stinky attitude, and really hear what the people are saying, in this'd forum and the www, because they are making it so easy to shop elsewhere.

Re: Bad Store Experience

In response to your edit, I hope you did get some relief by posting your experience and getting it off your chest.  If you do feel like you want to do more, maybe you would feel more comfortable emailing rather than calling.  Or maybe you could contact a mod on the beauty talk boards - they always seem super friendly.  Regardless, I hope your next experience at Sephora is better!

Re: Bad Store Experience

Email is a good option, no one knows how old you are from your text as long as you can spell and use full sentences, which you obviously have no problem with! 

Re: Bad Store Experience

It sucks when stuff like this happens. Its happened to me many times and that is why I now mainly shop online at Sephora. I never go to one unless I really need something or theres a promo going on. I cannot stand when SA treat you a certain way or even stare at you a certain way. Most of all, not be helpful. I work in retail currently and I make sure everyday to speak to my customers, start a convo with them, etc. And I always remember to help. Ask and listen. Usually at checkout when they're done, they always seem very happy and thank me. Makes me happy that I was able to help or even make their day better. Smiley Happy


Sorry for your experience, hopefully your next one will be better.

Re: Bad Store Experience

I had a really bad experience 2x the same week at the Sephora in the local jcp.i complained and I was told my complaint was turned over to the store manager..still havnt heard a word frm her..don't know why I bothered..but I know one thing I will nolt be going there again and if the bad customer service continues I will spend my money at ulta..they appreciate my business..btw I am 55 so age has nothing to do with it.i think its pathetic that one complains here to customer service and you get no where..good luck to you hon

Re: Bad Store Experience

I'm a college student, So I am somewhat young too. There are 2 Sephora's I always go to, One closer to my house inside a JCP, and another a little further which is it's own store. And although the one inside JCP doesn't have everything I need, i hate having to go to the Sephora store at the other mall because of the service. 

Inside the JCP mall, there are about 3 young workers there, and they already somewhat know me! They are always so nice to not just me, but to everyone. They are always willing to help, strike up a conversation, make you feel like you belong there.

But then when I go to the other Sephora, there are older women working there, and They never really pay any attention to me. They just think that I am there to try makeup and go or idk. And I know I might look young, but i know I spend a lot more money than half of those people there. It isn't until i flash my VIB/Rouge  card that i get some respect. 


That's why when someone made a post about hiring older women to work at sephora, I agree with that, but also have some younger ones too. Because all the older women to me don't take my makeup shopping seriously. :\

Re: Bad Store Experience

Older sales employees in general are nice to me. It's always the random person about my age that is snippy. Don't get me wrong I've found plenty of nice girls around my age as well. It's just if there is someone who isn't very nice,they are generally younger. Though I am one of those people who doesn't even say anything and can end up in a fight. I've learned to accept that to some people I have a huge target on my back. Though I've often heard what you say from most girls, that they like younger people better.

Re: Bad Store Experience

Your avatar is sooo stinking cute! I need to learn how to make one! I feel so left out! 

Re: Bad Store Experience

Haha! i saw a couple of more people make some cute ones, so im like, let me join the band wagon! haha! I honestly just did it using Paint, on my computer! lol  I can make one for you if you would like? just PM me the picture and what you want it to say! Or if you want to try it on your own that's okay too Smiley Happy

Re: Bad Store Experience

Oh i have tried to make it on my own! It's not gonna happen! I'm not familiar with my Macbook so i have no clue what i'm doing. Haha I will definitely PM you! 

Re: Bad Store Experience

ohh, yea, i have no idea how to work those! haha

Re: Bad Store Experience

teenager or not that doesn't give the SA a free pass to be rude to you, you're a customer bottom line.

Re: Bad Store Experience

I've gone into multiple Sephora stores when I was a high school student and never had a problem (I still look like one so it really doesn't make a difference). To be honest I've probably asked them some really dumb questions, but they have always been really nice. I feel bad sometimes when I go in the store just to test things and find out what I like. I shop mostly online to get the freebies.


After hearing about how some of you talk about getting treated like you could be a shoplifter I thought about what my Mom told me.She has worked in retail all her life and has to go to court often to prosecute shop lifters. She said they are usually upper class teenage/young adult women. I'm not trying to profile, but she said it would really surprise you who the typical shoplifter is. 


I say give the Sephora lady the benefit of the doubt. Everyone who has ever worked in retail has had a bad day. You don't know what she was dealing with that day to make her like that, she could have had matters more serious than a primer to deal with. Some people are just nasty, and if it happens every time I go in the store,yeah I'd probably report them. However you said she was all ready in a bad mood. A relative could have been dying, her son could have just gotten in huge trouble, or she could have been sick herself. There are a million things that could have happened to her to make her that way. She should have been nicer but if she's that rotten all the time the management will probably fire her without you having to do anything.Sales associates are human just like everyone else and have bad days. If anyone can tell me they have never snapped at anyone in their life I'll be surprised. You are supposed to be more professional at work but nobody's perfect. 

Re: Bad Store Experience

Ok well with the shoplifting: 


A) I'm not a shoplifter


B) My mom was with me. She was right next to me the entire time.


I understand that SA's are human beings and that so many things could've been going on in their life, but as a customer, I still expect them to do their job and help me out. I understand nobody's perfect, but it is a high end retail store and I expect the employees to be polite to paying customers.

Re: Bad Store Experience

Well I didn't say you were a shoplifter. Nor was I talking about your experience.I was referring to somebody else's experience, mainly hydee77. I was only saying that because I had insight as to why some people might encounter that problem. Having your mom with you doesn't mean anything though.With younger girls the adults with them are often helping them steal. An underage person will get a less severe punishment if caught and the adult can feign ignorance if they have no camera evidence. 


You should want to be treated nicely. I'm not saying you shouldn't. It's just one of those things that you shouldn't take seriously or incredibly personal. If it was a once in a blue moon bad day for her then it's no big deal. Even if she is a nasty person they are everywhere. I suppose I just don't think it's something that deserves a lot of thought. Dwelling on a random irritating person for anything only gives them a reason to be relevant. If your mom thinks it was a huge issues let her call the store and complain. There's no reason she shouldn't be taken seriously.

Re: Bad Store Experience

Im going to get a makeover at SIJC and im kinda nervous about it. I hope they dont push me in buying anymore products bc i have soo much already.  

Re: Bad Store Experience

I honestly get stared at a lot when I'm near makeup counters or at Sephora, I got used to it though, most people don't expect to see someone who looks like me ,a 5'9 teenage girl with unnatural hair colors and an "alternative" style.Sometimes I get rude people and if they are rude I just don't buy from the store.

Re: Bad Store Experience

After reading all these posts, and others similar to it, I have a new found appreciation for my local Sephora's (there's two), I can honestly say I have yet to have a bad experience at either of them.



Re: Bad Store Experience

You would be doing a favor to a lot of other customers if you called to complain. If nobody does anything about bad sales associates, then they will just keep treating customers badly.


It doesn't matter if you are in high school. A paying customer should be appreciated, whether you are 12 years old or 80.


Two weeks ago, I saw a young girl shopping at one of my local Sephora stores.  She looked like she was 13. I honestly don't mean to offend anyone...but I thought to myself..."isn't she too young to be looking at high end foundations? Her skin is perfect with no blemishes or acne! "


But even though she looked 13, the sales associate was still helping her in a very positive and patient manner. I overheard a lot of the conversation as I was browsing nearby.


THAT is the kind of service we all deserve. I really hope you change your mind and do something about your experience.


I am sorry to hear about so many bad experiences. I am very lucky because I have over 10 Sephora stores within a 25 mile radius and all of the employees I've come across are outstanding!

Re: Bad Store Experience

The Sephora cast members at my local mall (Summit Mall in Akron, OH) like to eye my purse and/or (usually Gap or Banana Republic) shopping bag when I enter.  I've been offended by this for some time because I've never stolen a thing in my life and I've been in there so many times they should know me by now.   I have even gone so far to take any bags out to my trunk and just carry my wallet or a separate small crossbody purse I take along with me in the car if I know I'm going there. Upon entering I usually grab a basket, then after that I'm *bombarded* by offerings of help by various associates and I just politely say I'm in here to purchase some things I need and to do some browsing (which is the truth!).  Yet, if I do have a question, the cast member seems bothered that I asked a question.  Needless to say, I always feel "rushed" to get out of there.


So lately, I just get in there fast to get what I need, pay and leave.  I'll never use the beauty services provided to me by the VIB Rouge card because of these experiences.  I'll leave my "browsing" and curiosity to the online site.  Plus I never get samples in store, ever unless if its a VIB promo bag going on.  But I'm the one that usually has to mention them or present an email even though they will have a display showing the bag, they always act like I don't know what I'm talking about and seem annoyed that I'm entitled to it.


But no worries, I figured out that I prefer to shop Sephora online in my pajamas.  I can browse the site while sipping coffee, get what I need or want, add a promo, add 3 free samples then go about my day and get my things delivered in a few days by my awesome UPS guy.  Thank you to Sephora for a hassle free online shopping experience!

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