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Back To School

Well, it is that time of year again: the 2013-2014 school year.  This week will be my last week of summer break, then it's back to school on the 26.  How is it for you all?  And if you have already finished your schooling, would you like to come back with any of us? lol.


I have 3 semesters left (including the one about to start), and I will be finished with my BA.  So close, yet so far away! lol.  I'll be commuting 5 days a week to ole ETSU, and I know parking is going to be heck due to construction.  The parking garage is not finished yet, and two roads on campus are closed.  Yay.   I hope the beauty of the future fall colors will take my eyes away from the construction mess.  Campus can be very beautiful during fall and spring.


This semester is definitely the most expensive.  Tuition has almost doubled compared the tuition of my very first semester (thank goodness for scholarships) due to bringing back the football program (worst idea EVER), and I had to buy 29 books.  29.  When I first saw how many books were required, I felt a pain in my bank account.  It was going to get a workout lol.  The books are a mix of textbooks and novels.  I'm taking the following classes:

  • Shakespeare and His Age: Although at least one Shakespeare play is covered in high school, I find it odd that Shakespeare will not be on the Praxis II exam I will have to take for my teaching license.
  • Fiction: I look forward to this class due to the professor.  I had him for World Literature, and I really enjoyed the class.
  • Literature for Adolescents: I'm very interested in this class, and pretty much all of the novels look interesting.
  • Teaching English in High School: I think they've changed the class name since I registered, but it's still pretty much the same thing.
  • Grammar and Usage: My only online class this semester.



For some reason, I always think of this little song when school starts back lol.



Re: Back To School

I take a college class here and there and yes I know how much the textbooks could be! Dang!! I'm just starting to be a senior in high school, ahh I'm excited Smiley Very Happy best of luck to both of us.

Re: Back To School

I start back the 26th, too. But I am nervous, since the last two years I was at community college to save money, and now going to a university. I always dislike the first week of school, because I don't know how the classes are going to be or even where there at ahha. And textbooks are too expensive, but Amazon has become my friend for that!

Re: Back To School

I start on the 26th! But, I am going into high school. Good luck in college!

Re: Back To School

Omg be right back DYING that song is hilarious! I start school on the 28th, and I'm pretty nervous, I'm going to be a freshman in high school.

Re: Back To School

I'm going into my third year of college, and my classes start on the 26th too. I'm excited! I have 3-4 semesters left until I get my bachelors. I go to school out of state so I've started packing and I can't wait to move back and see all my friends again!


Good luck to everyone at school this year!

Re: Back To School

I'm starting grad school on the 3rd and I'm both super psyched and super terrified.  I have ADD and a lot of anxiety so school can be super hard for me, the last time I tried grad school I had to be hospitalized.  I'm taking the extended program (doing it over three years including summers rather than 2yrs with no summer classes) so the pressure should be lower and I'm trying to get accommodations from disability services so hopefully this attempt at school will go better.


I'm taking Human Behavior in the Social Environment and a class in Social Policy that I can't remember the official name of.


As we get closer to the day, my anxiety is starting to overwhelm my excitement, but I know once it gets started I'll feel better.

Re: Back To School

Good luck, everyone!  I went to community college for my first two years of classes to save money and then transferred to a four-year school to finish my BA.  The worst part of going back to school was the bill for the books--even if you bought the used books!


I have a "Bugs Bunny" song:


No more school

No more books

No more teachers'

Dirty looks!


I finished my MBA in 2010...I'm not planning to go back!

Re: Back To School

I'm starting in September, in my third year uni. I'm a bit excited since this semester I'm taking just zoology and psychology classes so it should be pretty interesting. I always try to see if someone I know took any of my classes previously so I can try to borrow or buy books from them,

Re: Back To School

I work from home full time & take classes on-line for my masters part time (think 1 class a semester). Everything is on-line , including books which is convenient, but the "technology fees" are crazy!  Our semesters are 8 weeks long & I did take two classes this summer & might take this next semester off. I need a break Smiley Sad 

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