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BT Get-togethers?

Has this ever been done?


Lily's post about meeting friends got me thinking. I've just relocated to the States and I haven't really had a chance to meet anyone but for a lot of us it sounds like making friends can sometimes just be a pain too. I thought since we all already share at least one thing in common it might be an idea to occasionally organise some get togethers.


They'd have to be divided up by region obviously and there'd be a ton of coordinating to do to try and pick a place/time/venue etc. But it might be fun. 


What do you guys think?

Re: BT Get-togethers?

Yep! I met up with a fellow BT when I found out she was in Chicago. But a lot of people say they are "in Chicago" but live in the suburbs an 30-45 minutes away. Turns out we live in the same area in downtown Chicago. Cool beans- but there are so many "areas" in Chicago and they are fairly large. Turns out we are neighbors... l can look out my window and see her building! And not just "see" her building, like you can "see" buildings miles away... we are neighbor neighbors!!!


We met at our neighborhood Starbucks- she came with her boyfriend just in case, even though it was a public spot. We got coffee, chatted, talked about makeup, and did a swap! It was awesome!!!! I have a feeling we will be great friends and I think this might be bad for our wallets....

Re: BT Get-togethers?

Memphis girls, let me know!!


Re: BT Get-togethers?

I might be up for a meetup in Arizona.  Are there any Arizonan BTer's out there?

Re: BT Get-togethers?

 I am over on the eastern side closer to NM...


Re: BT Get-togethers?

I am! But I'm back  and forth between Canada and Arizona, I leave in January but should be back in April/may if you wanna plan in advance!!

Re: BT Get-togethers?

Aww, if only I stayed there..I moved to a different state 3-4 years ago

Re: BT Get-togethers?

@calamityjane85 good words,girl!

Re: BT Get-togethers?

this would be amazing, what a great idea it makes me so happy since all of us are friends on here and we would have so much to talk about!

Re: BT Get-togethers?

I would but I'm in the boonies. Anyone here ever shopped/been to Westfarm's Mall or Mohegan Sun in CT?


ps. I agree about safety/security awareness. Let's meet at public places, and do not post exact location, phone number or email here (save that for PM). I would also like to emphasize anything you post on BT forum are searchable in major search engines so even non-BTers can see them.

Re: BT Get-togethers?

I have slim hopes that there's somebody in the Detroit/Michigan area, heh.


And yes! Always public places, and details in PM only. Bring any beautyminded friends and family if you like (for added security)! We'll be smart and have fun!

Re: BT Get-togethers?

Oh I'm in west Michigan!! A bit far from Detroit though lol. I'm also in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs quite a bit. This sounds like a really fun idea Smiley Happy

Re: BT Get-togethers?

We moved from there about a year ago...don't say I miss the cold much! Are your by Grand Rapids 

Re: BT Get-togethers?

My parents are down the street from Westfarms- gotta love it! Smiley Happy  I live in NYC these days though.  

Re: BT Get-togethers?

Hahaha, I like you Urbie, but not enough to shop with your parents. Jk jk. =P


Jokes aside, it's still 1hr drive for me eventho it's the closest. It's a nice location they have! I always go to Trader Joes across the street for desserts. Latest haul includes Frehcn macarons, pumpkin croissant, chocolate lava cake. YUM! ooohhh NYC! Gosh, plenty of Sephora + good China town. MmmMmmm....

Re: BT Get-togethers?

Yes, Trader's Joe's is the best!  The macarons are soooo good, I can't believe that they are so cheap/from the frozen section!  I'm at my parent's for Xmas and was gonna go grab some, but I am afraid of the mall traffic at this time of year.


I feel like most things in CT are "an hours drive away"...I always, always use that phrase when trying to describe things to people not from here.  Smiley Happy

Re: BT Get-togethers?

This sounds fun, but please pretty please keep it vague (looks like yall are) and keep the details to PM's. There are stalkers and creeps out there and I want my BBFF's to be safe!! Smiley Happy I know from experience. 



MaryDiva.... I just die from you comment on avatars. 

Re: BT Get-togethers?

Very good thinking.


***************Creepers & Stalkers Beware!!***************


**We will defend ourselves! We will spray you with every brand of hair spray Sephora carries!

**We will knock you down and paint your nails!! It won't be pretty!

**We will Tattoo the words, Loser - Creeper - Stalker, on you with our longest lasting Lipsticks and Eyeliners!

**And if that doesn't do it, we will plug in the hot wax and pull out the waxing strips!! Don't tempt us!




So sorry, that must have been one of my other personalities talking. My (other personality's) Bad. Smiley Tongue

I don't normally support violence, but at least I was able to get it out of my system here. Smiley Happy

Re: BT Get-togethers?

Hahaha you're killing me. BTers are deadly!

Re: BT Get-togethers?

"**We will knock you down and paint your nails!! It won't be pretty!"

@lilyyy, where are you? I need to borrow your beaded nail polishes. =P

Re: BT Get-togethers?

Just doin'' my part, trying to make the world a safer, more beautiful place.

A more Sephora-ey place. Smiley Wink


@beautytester - how about a Ciate Feather mani?

Re: BT Get-togethers?

As long as I can take a train there, I'm down!


but no seriously I'd love to me some new friends. The BT community is amazing.

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