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BT Get-togethers?

Has this ever been done?


Lily's post about meeting friends got me thinking. I've just relocated to the States and I haven't really had a chance to meet anyone but for a lot of us it sounds like making friends can sometimes just be a pain too. I thought since we all already share at least one thing in common it might be an idea to occasionally organise some get togethers.


They'd have to be divided up by region obviously and there'd be a ton of coordinating to do to try and pick a place/time/venue etc. But it might be fun. 


What do you guys think?

Re: BT Get-togethers?

I think that sounds like a really great idea. It's interesting timing too as there have been a few threads about 'friends'. It would be a lot of fun I bet. Smiley Happy

Re: BT Get-togethers?

I hope so! We could have a bunch happening at various times in various states! Would love to see some real life friendships blossom here.


Re: BT Get-togethers?

I swap on MUA and once met with a gal at a local shopping center to exchange products instead of mailing them.  It was fun!


On a side note, Omaha is in the middle of the country so that'd be great location for a BT get-together! Smiley Very Happy

Re: BT Get-togethers?

No no no.  I'm in the middle of the country (KS) so it should be here where everyone gets together!  Smiley Happy


I'd love to do a meet-up of some sort.  Though I get the feeling most folks are in the major metropolitan areas, I'm sure there must be some who are from some less larger cities who need to share their Sephora love with like-minded people (or is that just me?).

Re: BT Get-togethers?

I used to post on The Knot a lot when I was wedding planning, and I met a LOT of people from there. That was ~5 years ago and I am still very close with them. None of them were in my area but 2 flew in for my wedding- one from Canada, one from California, and the one from Canada became a good enough friend that she actually was our officiant. A couple other people have come to stay with me for weekends, etc. I am a little surprised with how active this community is that more people haven't met up!!

Re: BT Get-togethers?

I'm a former Knottie, too!


I became really close with fellow August 2009 brides, and closest with those that shared my wedding date. We actually met up with one couple for dinner during our honeymoon in St. Lucia!


I've lost touch since, though... :/

Re: BT Get-togethers?

I'm in DC and help run a fairly large meetup if anyone wants to make new friends. Just send me a PM. 

Re: BT Get-togethers?

I'm in DC, too!!!! We should certainly do a meet up!

Re: BT Get-togethers?

I'm in the DMV, too!

Re: BT Get-togethers?

I'm in the Virginia part of the DMV and am only a good 15 minutes away from DC. 

Re: BT Get-togethers?

 Ah! I literally had a dream about this last week - it was so out of the blue. Everyone was wearing t-shirts with their little avatar picture on them. 

Re: BT Get-togethers?

I was thinking of setting up a meetup in the Dallas area but wasn't sure if there were rules against that on here so I didn't post. 


If anyone is interested, PM me. 

Re: BT Get-togethers?

That's the best idea ever!  Your sleeping brain is very wise!  

Re: BT Get-togethers?

Jellybean517 and I met up when we swapped a TSB.  We had great fun and talked about maybe trying to get others to join us sometime.  It's hard to organize anything at the end of the year, I think, but I was thinking that in the New Year it would be fun to try.  We went to lunch and then to Sephora to browse. Smiley Happy

Re: BT Get-togethers?

I think this is a great idea. I agree with mafan that the end of the year is hard for organization. But we should definitely keep this thread going after New Year's and see what what we can do! (I'm afraid this is going to lead to a whole new level of enabling...)

Re: BT Get-togethers?

As long as I can take a train there, I'm down!


but no seriously I'd love to me some new friends. The BT community is amazing.

Re: BT Get-togethers?

This sounds fun, but please pretty please keep it vague (looks like yall are) and keep the details to PM's. There are stalkers and creeps out there and I want my BBFF's to be safe!! Smiley Happy I know from experience. 



MaryDiva.... I just die from you comment on avatars. 

Re: BT Get-togethers?

Very good thinking.


***************Creepers & Stalkers Beware!!***************


**We will defend ourselves! We will spray you with every brand of hair spray Sephora carries!

**We will knock you down and paint your nails!! It won't be pretty!

**We will Tattoo the words, Loser - Creeper - Stalker, on you with our longest lasting Lipsticks and Eyeliners!

**And if that doesn't do it, we will plug in the hot wax and pull out the waxing strips!! Don't tempt us!




So sorry, that must have been one of my other personalities talking. My (other personality's) Bad. Smiley Tongue

I don't normally support violence, but at least I was able to get it out of my system here. Smiley Happy

Re: BT Get-togethers?

"**We will knock you down and paint your nails!! It won't be pretty!"

@lilyyy, where are you? I need to borrow your beaded nail polishes. =P

Re: BT Get-togethers?

Just doin'' my part, trying to make the world a safer, more beautiful place.

A more Sephora-ey place. Smiley Wink


@beautytester - how about a Ciate Feather mani?

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