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BIC School Superlatives

I tried to search and don't think I've seen this. As the school year is ending, I'm reminded of choosing superlatives for classmates. I think this would be an awesome way to spread a little love. Especially after seeing @SportyGirly125 mention a poster was being mean/rude, it seems like a good time to share some kind words.


I'll add a few to start us off. You may want to tag more than one person for a superlative. No rules except be kind!

Re: BIC School Superlatives

I just want to say thank you again to @ShortErica for starting this thread and for everyone who contributed to the love on here!  I am finally caught up on BIC and it seriously warms my heart to see all the positivity in this thread!!!!


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Re: BIC School Superlatives

Thanks @Tamara76!

RE: BIC School Superlatives

Shout out to @SportyGirly125. You’re so sweet and helpful!

Re: RE: BIC School Superlatives

@KehDee Thank you! You are so sweet. Hope you love your MAC Aladdin highlighter. 

Re: BIC School Superlatives

@ShortErica What a great idea! This thread is so fun Smiley Happy



Re: BIC School Superlatives

Thanks so much @RebeccaBT!

RE: BIC School Superlatives

I just wanted to send a shout out to @faeriegirl She is always commenting in a supportive way and I enjoy her lipstick looks every day!

Re: RE: BIC School Superlatives

Thank you so much @KehDee!❤️

RE: Re: RE: BIC School Superlatives

You’re welcome! I love how supportive this community is

RE: BIC School Superlatives

@2manyperfumes - not only are you skilled and beautiful you always take the time to write thoughtful and helpful comments on my posts. I really appreciate your advice!

Re: RE: BIC School Superlatives

Thank you so much @KehDee  we come here to share something that makes us happy and we enjoy.  Empowering and supporting one another.  ❤️

Re: BIC School Superlatives

This is fun! @ShortErica 


1.Most likely to be a motivational speaker @sprocketta . I always love your comments on other's posts

A Kindred Spirit @sprocketta . Thank you for being my friend!!! <3

2. Person you'd want to be stuck on a Desert Island with @cianni 

3.Queen of the Soft, Goth look  @2manyperfumes 

4.Queen of the Unconventional lippie @WinglessOne 

5.Inspired the song "Bette Davis eyes" @lmaster 


That's off the top of my head. Might come up with some more later! Smiley Happy

Re: BIC School Superlatives

Lol thank you @Buootiful  yes I’ve always been a bit dark in style not personality 😻

Re: BIC School Superlatives

Awwwwwa @Buootiful 💋

Re: BIC School Superlatives

Part II:


@SportyGirly125 : Mix Master. I've always admired how you're able to incorporate multiple palettes into one cohesive, beautiful look. It's a skill I don't have!


 @Blackwhiskey : Makeup as Art. Your Hela look remains as one of the most inspiring I've seen, and your photos are top-notch. 


@IttyxBittyxMe  : Glam Goddess. Every post of yours on the What Are You Wearing? thread absolutely blows my mind! 


@bakeamuffin  : Clean Queen. Both here and on IG, I've so enjoyed following your journey through clean and sustainable beauty. 


@WinglessOne : Guru. Your encyclopedic knowledge of all things beauty is killer. Plus, we Chicagoans need to support one another. 


 @jozkid : MVP! MVP! You're probably the first person who helped make the BIC feel like a true community for me. For that, and so many other reasons, thank you. 

Re: BIC School Superlatives

I’m going to have to see some of these looks that I’m missing ❤️ @tastelikewater 

Re: BIC School Superlatives

I appreciate that so much @tastelikewater! ❤ you're such a kind person, and conversations with you always leave me feeling happy, heard and calm. You're golden 🧡💛❤

Re: BIC School Superlatives

@tastelikewater You make it very easy to be nice to you. You’ve always been a great addition here right from the start. 

Re: BIC School Superlatives

@tastelikewater Thank you so much!!! For me it’s easier using multiple palettes than just one. 

Re: BIC School Superlatives

@tastelikewater  I have to ask .. what is MVP :-|  

and I admire @jozkid for her cohesive make-up looks and that smiley face, you look at those anytime (even in the dead of winter) and it brings some cheer & joyous feelings. 

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