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BIC Holiday greeting card exchange? 2023

Hello lovelies!  I know in the past a couple of us have mentioned that it might be fun to exchange greeting cards around the holidays.  I thought I would bring it up, and see if there is any interest in it....


If there is interest, I have no clue where to begin!  For example, how would we organize information?  We'd have to share personal info, and obviously while we want to be inclusive we also want to be safe.  And IDK what would be an efficient way to make up a greeting card list and distribute it.  So, if anyone has any ideas or special computer form skills/privacy safeguard knowledge then please let us know.


Also, we may wish to develop some guidelines.  For example, would BICers prefer generic/non-denominational cards or is "Merry Christmas" OK if that's what the sender is planning on?  And while adding a little something like a sticker or a sample is OK, let's keep it simple b/c we all have budgets.


If this turns out just to be beautiful dream, then we can always figure it out next year or just post well wishes on BIC.


Thanks beauties!




Sign up deadline: 12/9/23

Information exchange deadline (exchange via PM): 12/12/23

Deadline to mail cards: TBD


ETA: sign ups are now closed.  Deadline to mail cards is open-ended, as I know we're all busy.


If you could not participate this time around then we hope to see you next year!

Re: BIC Holiday greeting card exchange? 2023

@greeneyedgirl107  I love this idea, and in fact I was thinking of posting something similar to ask if anyone was interested in exchanging cards! I have no idea how the logistics would work, but I would definitely be interested!

Re: BIC Holiday greeting card exchange? 2023

@caitbird great minds think alike!  I wish I could handle the logistics!

Re: BIC Holiday greeting card exchange? 2023

@greeneyedgirl107   I like this idea as well, but perhaps it really is a beautiful dream. My mother sends me personalized e-cards from the online American Greetings store - I wish Sephora had something like that here in BIC. For American Greetings e-cards, you still need the person's email address, mind you. I guess I'm envisioning something like e-cards that could be sent to our BIC inbox.


I know that the people on 🌈🦄📦 THE UNICORN MAIL THREAD 📦🦄🌈 have already shared personal information, so it does happen. We could always do this on an individual basis by asking people directly if they're okay sharing their personal info, and they'll respond based on how much they feel they trust us, based on previous interactions.


@TeamBICcan I toss out an idea for next year? Maybe Sephora BIC could sell (via some kind of pass-through) a card that we can buy to send to other BIC members without needing their personal information. It could even include a special Christmas foil of some kind. Or maybe we could have the option to send a BIC member some kind of free electronic holiday "sticker" that would attach to their profile. Or what if we could sign up for a secret Santa exchange, where we choose the gift but only Sephora has the address for the recipient? Sephora could have a selection of Sephora-branded items to choose from, and we'd pay a set price to participate.


Maybe those are completely impractical, but...something? A version of it could stay up year-round if having it for only a month or two isn't cost-effective.

Re: BIC Holiday greeting card exchange? 2023

@Westcoasty Great points!  Excellent ideas!!! 

Re: BIC Holiday greeting card exchange? 2023

@greeneyedgirl107 Oh my gosh, this is such a fun idea but definitely agree that it would need to somehow be limited/safe-guarded due to the information shared. 


As for the question you posed, speaking only for myself I would totally be alright with a Merry Christmas/Happy Kwanzaa/Happy Hanukkah/Happy Holidays card (I come from an interfaith background and celebrate two different holidays during the season-one of them including Christmas). 

Re: BIC Holiday greeting card exchange? 2023

@QueenMarceline thanks for the enthusiasm!  You'll have a spectacular holiday season!  Enjoy!

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