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HI Beauty Babes!!!!


It has come to my attention, that there may be some lovelies on here that don't have plans for this Christmas. I don't want anyone getting the blues so we are spreading Christmas cheer!!! 


SOOOOOOO I hereby announce the BT Christmas Party! Post snacks, little gifts, Christmas ornament exchanges, all that good stuff....



Merry Christmas!!


Who is bringing the spiked punch? Smiley Very Happy




I did, all of my sibs were here, my nieces and my nephew and of course, my Mom. It really was a different holiday this year, it's rough, but you get through it. We did have some really sweet moments, remembrances of my Dad and there were some pretty interesting and quite hilarious confessions about some past events, a couple of hysterical things from the school years and about former paramours. You might have thought we had been doing a little drinking if you heard some of the secret confessions that came out, but I swear, there was not a single drop of alcohol in the house, not even in the desserts!


A couple of really good ones revolved around my twin brothers. They used to switch classes just for fun & to see if the teacher would notice, I knew that. I didn't know that one of my brother used up all of his 'Tardy's' for the semester and then my other brother got called to the principals office (he was Tough, but fair, and a friend of my dad's - Ruh-Roh) So my brother gets called in and they give him heck for exceeding the limit of tardy's and they let him know they were calling my Father, You Did Not Want To Have My Father Called. But my brother was livid, he swore that he only had 1 tardy the entire semester and as it turns out, he was telling the truth. My rotten brother who used up all of his tardy's started signing in late using my other brothers name!! So, the wrong brother got called in!! My rotten, devious brother was in Double Trouble. Part of it is in the way that they tell the story, we were in stitches!

The real kicker about that story is that we were all dropped of at school at 7 am every day and school didn't start until 8:26 am. We all got dropped off together, yet only some of us were tardy!! Now, I must confess **hangs head in shame** I had more tardy's that semester than the 2 of them combined!! I can't believe I just outed myself!! It wasn't my fault though, my boyfriend had first period off and other than after school and mere moments in between classes, that was the only real time we had together. He was Junior Class President and I was just a silly, young freshman! He shouldn't have been such a bad influence on me! Needless to say, the next semester, I was on time Every Single Day! I cut a deal with the principal, my 1st period teacher and my boyfriend. It was his fault and they all ganged up on me. At least they didn't tell my father though. You play. You pay. Hope that gave you a laugh.

I will admit, I do miss getting gifts and the sibs can be quite grumpy and scrooge-like but, It definitely could've been worse. I'm young, I'll adjust - I won't be happy about it, but I'll adjust. I know, I'm a brat, but some of this is said lighthearted & jokingly. Smiley Happy

 Aren't you glad you asked? I am, it was very sweet of you. Thanks Veronika. Smiley Happy


Those are good memories. Its good you have family to fall back on. Smiley Happy 


Way to look on the bright side!  You can get exactly what you want and you don't have to worry about your mother getting you things you absolutely do not want and would never wear, and then have to act excited about it or you'll crush her feelings.  Not that I have to do that or anything....


I ended up going to a Christmas celebration after all Smiley Happy A friend's parents found out I didn't have Chrismas plans and invited me over to their house, it was a beautiful clear day. Her parents even gave me a big box of chocolates as a last-minute present, super sweet of them!


Aw that's nice!  Can't ask for anything better than chocolate. You can never have enough right Smiley Very Happy

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