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BB, CC, and now DD cream

So everybody knows what tinted moisturizer is, and now we've all got comfortable with BB creams which is suppose to do more fancy things, then CC cream comes along and claim to do every more things. Guess what? DD cream is now here! Not a April fool's day joke, but Julep just came out with Dynamic Do-all cream. And there's these DD cream from dozen other brands



Lol, by the time we get to MM cream, it better be so awesome it will do my manicure for me. Better yet, if/when we reach ZZ cream, let cancer be cured.


Anyways, that was just something I saw today and thought was amusing. #Random, #NoPoint

Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream

zz cream Smiley Wink

Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream

I would like an A-Z cream please!

My requirements are:

- clean, treat, hydrate & SPF from head to toe

- manicure/pedicure

- get rid of cellulite, tummy pudge & arm flab

- give me muscle where I want it

- and do a full makeup application

All in 5 minutes from 1 product

That's not asking for too much is it? 

Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream


Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream

Where can I get one?!?! Smiley Wink And does it qualify for BI points, and free shipping? 

Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream

Oh you forgot hair, my friend, glossy blow-in-the-imaginary-wind-but-falls-perfect-in-place hair.


Something like that already exist, tho I believe in non-cream form and called celebrity entourage and cost more than your mortage (random fact: do you know Queen Elizabeth have somebody who's job is to break in her shoes for her?)

Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream

hair was included in the "head to toe" but I should have added: 

- Beautiful, shiny, volumous waves 


I wish someone would break in my shoes for my. My boyfriend still freaks out when he finds shoes in the freezer with a bag of water in them. 

Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream

Photo Shop lol.


Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream

Here you go:


Philosophy is doing "hope in a jar a to z" cream.  Right now it's an Ulta exclusive, but I bet it will show up at Sephora and other places soon.  It supposedly has everything your skin wants from a to z but I'm not sure it will do everything you want!

Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream

UU cream= Unicorn cream?

Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream

ULTIMATE Unicorn cream!!!!! Smiley Tongue

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