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BB, CC, and now DD cream

So everybody knows what tinted moisturizer is, and now we've all got comfortable with BB creams which is suppose to do more fancy things, then CC cream comes along and claim to do every more things. Guess what? DD cream is now here! Not a April fool's day joke, but Julep just came out with Dynamic Do-all cream. And there's these DD cream from dozen other brands


DD cream


Lol, by the time we get to MM cream, it better be so awesome it will do my manicure for me. Better yet, if/when we reach ZZ cream, let cancer be cured.


Anyways, that was just something I saw today and thought was amusing. #Random, #NoPoint

Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream

Wow, very interesting!  Next there will be an AA cream and then we'll start doing BB squared creams Smiley Wink



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream

I've only tried a sample of a BB Cream, so I'm beyond behind (BB lol).  


MM: Manicure Me

NN: Nails Now!!

ZZ: Zit Zapper


Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream

Wuuhhhh, well, you gotta catch the KK cream when it comes out, it can stand for Kool Kimmi. XD

Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream





That being said, I love the PTR CC!

Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream


Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream

I'm sure there are plenty of buyers now if you want to check out ebay or craiglist. =P I want to patent MM cream! Then later I can sell it to Mars company the guy who makes M&M, they can branch into cosmetics, I will help them....


Haha, we have BB, CC and DD. From the comments we also have EE, FF, MM, NN, OO, ZZ. C'mon people, we still need: GG, HH, II, JJ, KK, LL, PP, QQ, RR, SS, TT, UU, VV, WW, XX, YY

Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream

Only Oxygen.... that randomly reminds me of the prank some people play at Walmart.  Ask an employee where the Diet Water is and see what they do lol.  

Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream

I think that's just a new way to label a BB or CC cream. Next would be EE as in "Everything Extra" then FF for "Finally Found"! Smiley Tongue


Brands are just coming up with ways to make their products "stand out" and seem super different.

Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream

Wow! I'm still holding out for EE cream whatever that may be. How funny. I am still trying to find a CC cream that suits my fancy.

Whimsically yours,
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