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BAD experience at Sephora Saint-Bruno on Boxing Day

I came back from shopping on boxing day a couple minutes ago and I am still in shock about the poor quality customer service I received. I walked in to purchase an eye shadow palette, a perfume and a night cream for a gift for my mom. Today was my first day off in forever and I did not bother fixing my hair or doing any make up. It's that time of the month and I have a couple zits here and there.

I walked into the store with my sister and it was less busy than most of the stores in the mall. I picked up an Urban Decay small eyeshadow palette that was on sale for boxing day and looked at some other sections before moving to the skin care department. As I was looking at the Kate Sommerville collection, a sales associate came and greeted me and asked me if I was looking for products for my ''bad acne''. Ouch. Three zits and you call that acne? I politely said no and kept looking as she asked me if I knew the brand and then I told her that I was just looking, and thanked her. She then continued to be glued right next to me, and I walked away as she was beginning to irritate me.


Two minutes later, she came back and told me to use a basket. I knew I was only bringing two-three products home and did not need a basket to carry them as they were rather small and I already had my iPhone, coat and bag to hold in one hand as I was looking at the creams. I politely declined and she looked at me exasperated and said that she'd leave it on a counter behind me if I changed my mind.

About 5 minutes later, another sales associate comes see me and asks me if I need help. I politely say no and that I am just looking. I prefer to shop on my on and not talk to sales people as my mother has her own taste and I don't know exactly what kind of ingredients or feeling she looks for in products. The SA then tells me that if I have any questions I could come see her. I said thank you and continued looking at the wall of products and reading some labels.

Less than 2 minutes later, a third SA comes see me and tells me to put my palette in the basket. I politely say that I don't need one. She then looks at me and tells me that she is not offering but telling me to do that and it is not my choice to make. As she is next to me, the two other SA are pretending to straighten out some shelves but are clearly listening to our conversation and so are two others at the cash.


The way she said that was so arrogant that I put down my palette in her basket and told her I'd go shop somewhere else as I know that the Bay and Shopper's Drug Mart sells the products I wanted as well. She then follows me to the door and as I leave and says ''yeah you go do that you ugly b*tch''.

I have never been harassed to this point at any Sephora location for the past 5 years that I've been a customer. The beauty industry is booming right now and you have a LOT of competition. I suggest you get your act together. No one deserves to be treated the way I was today. Today marks the end of my days shopping at any of your locations.

Re: BAD experience at Sephora Saint-Bruno on Boxing Day

Wow thanks for the heads up,  I've had good experiences at the Sephora at the Dix30,  so i'll continue to go there and bypass St-Bruno completely.


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