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Come one, come all, join the baby shower for waterbaby1981. Send a congrats and copy and paste a picture of presents or balloons etc. ITS A GIRL! (p.s theres 2 cakes because there's a lot of BT people in the family!) I know that you said that you are naming her Ashley so I found you a personalized cake and teddy bear!

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Oh my stars! That was so sweet of you to start this party **sephoramusthave** No wonder you have so many hearts!!! I'm sorry I'm late for the party, my GPS is whacked (as well as a number of other things! -Like me brain) Yeah, yeah that's the ticket, it was the GPS system and then there were no gas stations open, yeah , no gas stations in all of NY, That's what happened, that's the ticket ) older SNL reference,,,hope somebody remembers it. I, of course, only saw it in reruns, yeah re-reuns, many,many years after it originally aired, that's the ticket!!!

But I digress...


Congrats waterbaby1981! (nearly wrote you real name) I hope you're feeling well, we haven't chatted in a few weeks and I've been hoping that no news is good news. I hope that you're sleeping better and that the heat isn't too much for you. I know where you'll be somewhere this weekend, anywhere with serious a/c So many people 'bought' you cakes and every one looks sweeter, cuter and more delish than the next.(I want a baby.....and cakes) I didn't send a cake Smiley Sad sorry But thought you might appreciate it later on, cause you're gonna have a heck of a time working all of this off. So, I was trying to be a good friend. Tha's so lame.(It's like when I'm jonesing for something and getting flack and I'm like a different person....."Just Get Me The Da__ Cake And Ice Cream And Save The Lectures For Later!!!), No, I'm not pregnant, think I may be having sympathy cravings and hormonal changes for you and another friend who recently had a baby, even I don't believe how lame that is, not that that doesn't happen but in this case I think I'm stretching it a bit) Is it the end of the 2nd tri-mester now? Wow, it's hard (for me) to image it could be 6-7 months already  (pretty sure it's not that hard for You to believe it!)


You know that I'm so happy and excited for you and so glad things seem a little calmer. (Seem is my word hoping and praying that things are well and calm but in your belly and with all of the people surrounding. Have you seen Look Who's Talking? with Bruce Willis as the baby's voice and Kirstie & Travolta? I'm definitelly the patient saying Can you give me more medication because I'm pretty sure I'm in more pain than most of your patients." A friend and I quote movie a lot. Hope you're keeping yourself from getting too bored. Drop me a PM when you're in the mood. Best Wishes and say hello to hubby and baby. *want to put a heart heart emoticons Smiley Sad * Anyhow, be well, you know you're in my thought & prayers.


Congratulations! And I hope everything goes smoothly and everyone is healthy! This is awesome news!


Congrats Waterbaby1981, I wish you all the bestSmiley Happy


<3 Melissa


Congratulations Waterbaby1981!  How exciting for you & your growing family!  Being a mother is amazing & I'm so happy for you Smiley Happy  I love it that the Beauty Talk Community was sweet enough to throw you a baby shower!  Amazing everyone Smiley Happy

Mini Cupcakes Diaper Cakes


xo, Mia


OOOOOO MMMMMMMMMMMMM GGGGGGG- I noticed the 'princess' cake you posted again, loved it the 1st time, dying for it this time! (the one for waterbaby1981) I know usually things are just images found here and there but just wondered if you had any infor on it, I doubt it, but it can't hurt to ask) Don't know if it will be a good thing or a bad thing if you know more about it. I've been on liquids for a while, maybe that's making it even worse and making the whole thing look even more delish! Man, what I could do with that cake!!


Ruh-Roh....Thunder Bolts and Lightning.....Very, VERY frightening me (you knew that was coming) Frightening my dog even worse, my neice just came in, 'omg aunt Cindy, this is a really bad one, I think Brin's having a seizure (looks like it but isn't, just insane shaking) omg Aunt Cindy, why is your floor shaking, are we having an earthquake too? No, just Brinny shaking the entire room, can feel her across the room on my bed. Omg, Aunt C, what's that weird rattling noise? It's okay too, just the sounds of her bones rattling, freaky, especially before we knew what was going on the first few times. She gets so scared, it's painful to see. It makes me so sad, but we can't medicate her every single time there's some weather issue. Just a change in the barometric pressure gets her going, even if it doesn't turn into a storm.


She has meds but we hate giving them to her, she's a Greyhound and they can be so sensitive to meds and things, the vet obviously wouldn't have prescribed them otherwise - and the more natural, homeopathic remedies have cause other issues. She just comes in my room and that helps some. We also have a Pheromone collar which Really, Truly helps to a certain degree. Thinking about getting her "Thunderwear" want to make sure we invest in the right one, there are copy-cats out there that don't cut it. The Vet is investigating.


Anyhow, sorry about all of that! I'd better go, have to try and sneak out the other bathroom door (like a jack & jill - or a 'Brady Bunch', though luckily with no sibs on the other side) and make some Carnation Breakfast Drinks and get them in the freezer just in case we lose power, I'm saying my prayers. Hope you are farng well with weather and having a wonderful weekend, Oh Hail!, no, really, I mean it's hailing.


THIS is the best part and perfect way to finish this post. We'd had Brin for nearly a year, so we knew about these issues well enough by then (fireworks are problematic too) My Rocket-Scientist of a sister said, "well maybe if we let her out" (we do let her out if she wants to go, usually it's a few breaths to check the Baro-Pressure, sometimes more though. we always let her out the side door that leads to 80% pavement, since she hates having her paws cleaned. There is a "Big-Girl Yard' That belonged to Princess, my 1st grey, Brinny doesn't go there a lot, long story. You can open a gate between Brins yard and the Big-Girl Yard or let her out of the sliding glass door to the deck that leads to the BG Yard. Phew! Hope that made sense) So, I said no, do the regular door, but she went ahead with it, incredibly snotty dirty look and all) So with that, the Rocket scientist opens the Sliding GLASS Door but before she can open the sliding screen.....that dog was gone! Well, part way gone....she made it pretty for before getting stuck in the screen door.  Please Forgive Me For What I;m About To Say..... It was funny as hell!!! It was so hard trying not to laugh and there the poor thing is, stuck, part in - part out. My Mom, sister and I were trying not to laugh and get her out....or in..... My father was there and he was furious! I'm so sorry, but it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen, I only wish we could've recorded it, it would've gotten so many hits on youtube. Some people might try to do it again, but we just couldn't do that to the poor thing. She's so sweet, she doesn't deserve this, it hurts to witness it.


Anyhow, hope that story was payoff enough to justify getting through all of this. I just wanted to ask you about the Princess Cake! Hope you made it through and enjoyed the story. Any pets or pet stories of your own? I'd love to hear them. Be well. Smiley Happy


ps - sorry so long and sorry didn't proof 4 errors or thiings that didn't quite make the connection from my brain to my fingers. sorry.


Congratulations, Waterbaby1981!!  Although you are going through some pains right now, I know you and your husband are beyond excited to welcome Ashley into the world.  She will be here before you know it!  I hope the pains ease off for you soon. 








Yay! A new baby is so exciting! My kids are 7 and 10, enjoy them while they're little because they grow so fast...happy baby!!!


this is very sweet of everyone, it's making me feel a lot better!  The sciatic pain has died down a lot, so hopefully it'll just be cats and a baby kicking keeping me up tonight.  Those cakes look yummy!


Congrats waterbaby1981! Every day is one closer to meeting your new daughter Smiley Happy. Hope you're getting rest and feeling well!




Whimsically yours,


Congratulations Waterbaby1981!!






Congrats Waterbaby1981! Hope you are doing well and feeling better Smiley Happy


Image by DiaperCakesbyAnnB on Etsy

Easy and Fun Ideas for Decorating a Baby Shower



Congratulations, waterbaby, I hope you feel better soon. That insomnia sounds rough, and the body pain sounds excruciating.


Hope your little one is as cute as can be!




Congrats Waterbaby1981!


I hope you like strawberries and macaroons.


And because you need something to wash down all that sweets:


Congrats Waterbaby1981!!!


Well wishes to you and your growing family! Hope you are feeling well and have picked out a name! Smiley Happy  I hope you like storks as it's my gift theme to you Smiley Wink 



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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