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OK ladies the title says b*tch it out. Sometimes weird, annoying or just plain stupid things happen in our life. I know it might sound bad or mean to say, but I would love to hear about your experience/s..........its always fun reading about it when it didnt happen to you right?? Smiley Wink (I know terrible hehe) Anyhow anything goes, so lets hear it....What happened to you, or what did you see that just dumb founded you today??


Normally I get a coffee everyday of the week in the morning at my local coffee dr through...My normal coffee girl (who i adore and is the sweetest person ever!) knows my order and has it made b4 I even get to the I guess I am a little spoiled that way. however I went to get a coffee, and told the girl (who I have never seen there b4) exactly what I wanted...This is what I ordered: Iced mocha with half chocolate milk and half fat free milk (its called a skinny mocha at Dutch Bros). Anyways, half way through she came back to the window and asked if I wanted chocolate syrup added to my drink....I replied no thankyou and repeated that I only want Half FF milk and half Choc milk with the espresso. After she finally finished making it, she handed it to me with the coffee dripping off the lid (which got all over me and my clothes Woman Sad) and it had what looked to be chocolate syrup stuck to the inside of the cup. SOOOOOO I asked her "did you put chocolate syrup in this?" she replied yes and I repeated that I never asked for that and made it clear I didnt want it when she asked me...uuuhhhgggggg She offered to re make the drink, but I said no thankyou because it took so long  the first time and frankly I didnt want to take my chances getting it screwed up for the second time! Usually I look forward to my coffee lol but after leaving there I was more annoyed than if I woulda just completely skipped my coffee.


FYI ladies yes I am PMSing, but if you were there you would totally understand how difficult this simple order was lol

I have worked in CS my fair share and do have sympathy for those that do!!!! Im not ignorant or stuck up, I was just having a moment and needed a coffee.....obviously the coffee was wayyyyyyy too sweet and the ordering process wasnt any better hahahahaha OK I feel a bit better now. LOL LOL LOL Smiley Tongue


Thanks for listening ladies, you rock!!!!!! <3


So on Friday Night on my way home I was stuck in Traffic for hours...been going no more than 10 mph on the highway where the max speed limit is 70 and halfway there my car just STOPPED. The check engine light came on, it went 2-3 mph for a few seconds and then it stopped in the middle lane. I freaked out. I put on the lights to let everyone know that I was in trouble and told everyone to go around me until I could figure out how to start my car back up again. People were yelling, cussing at me and giving me the middle finger! My car was full of gas so I dont know what the deal was. This dumb **bleep** 18 wheeler was honking at me bc no one is letting him pass to another lane and he cant fly over me and instead of giving me space he decides to glue himself to my car and try to "push" me forward. I was pissed! Luckily I drive a jeep and have a spare tire on the outside on the backside of the car so him gluing himself to me didnt cause any damage. 2 or 3 min later I am finally able to start my car, and I moved over to the right lane and got off the highway so that in case my car stops again that I dont find myself in a similar situation. I made an appointment at the dealer and Im scared bc I know its going to cost me money that I dont have and I need my car bc school is an hour and a half away.


sephoramusthave: OMG I am so sorry that happened to you!! Gosh car troubles are the wroste!! Maybe it will be something more minor than you think....I hope its nothing big! GL getting it fixed soon.................As for the people honking and cussing at you, shame on them! You would think they might stop to ask if you need help instead of acting like idiots! GOSH arent humans great sometimes lol  Smiley Wink


By bf's mom is so not sweet but I broke down and told her about the trouble my family has been having and was on the brink of tears and she said she felt sorry for me, which wasn't the wording I was looking for.  But I got over it and thought she'd try to be nicer to me, na.  We got home and I noticed my coat that my bf bought me last year is ripping at the seams.  And I told her that I must have put on a few and she is a little bigger than I am, so I thought and even if I am as big I don't want to know.  She says "oh if you are gonna throw it away I'll take it"  in a way that suggests I'm way bigger than her!  And the funny thing is I don't know if she even thinks/cares that it was offensive.




OMG cant stand people like that...Especially since its your BF's mom...uuhhhggggg How awkward feeling to say the least!


I went to a job interview for a makeup counter girl and a man and woman interviewed me.  I thought he was an old pervert he kept staring at my **bleep**, then I tugged at my pocket to see if my pants were zipped, nope.  I had to wait until we all walked out to zip, but I got the job.    


RE: corrin99


OMG I have had a similar experience with the zipper thing!!! How embarrassing Smiley Wink But on a positive not, Congrats on getting the job!! yaaaayyyyyy Smiley Happy

okay well today someone cut right in front of me so i sai...

okay well today someone cut right in front of me so i said "excuse me!" and the person turned around and said "you're excused" and just laughed and turned around. so that sucked and then this really annoying girl that always seems to be around comes up to me and starts talking(with her mouth full which just happens to be my number 1 pet peeve) and i no this sounds mean but she thinks that we r friends but im not her friend and she starts talking right in my face and she kept tlkin and tlkin so i whispered under my breath"Shut up"(which i no is hurtful) an she asked what i said (but in the way where she DID hear wut u said) and walked away. Then i tried to return an item to a store because it was damaged and i didn't realize it was until i got home the other day so anyway i wanted to exchange it for another and the girl said i needed a receipt but i didn't hav it but the girl KNOWS who i am and she sumhow pulled up a copy of my receipt from a computer and even tho she read it clearly that i HAD bought the product from them she still refused to exchange it.UGH! Then i dropped my phone on the ground so now its broken and ontop of that i am extremely exhausted and i have alot of work to this truly was not my best say everSmiley Sad

There were a few things that happened today that really t...

There were a few things that happened today that really ticked me off... and it is only 11 in the morning! Lets just say today has not been my day!

Number 1-

My dog is now 2 and I want to get him neutered. Well I really do not understand why a dog getting neutured should cost me $500. I mean really? Are you serious? It just makes absolutely no sense to me how they can charge that much... But he never developed a few teeth, so they have to Xray his mouth to make sure the teeth aren't under his gums, which I am sure will cost a few more hundreds of dollars because they will have to extract them. Lord have mercy, never in my life would I have ever thought a little Dachshund (my dog) could cost me thousands of dollars... and he is only 2. 

Number 2-

After leaving the vet I had to get gas. I get out, am pumping gas and as I am pumping gas I go to get something out of my car and I sit down on my seat. This lady decides to honk her horn at me... I look at her and kind of give her a look like "what?" and she says something, which I couldn't hear... so I just ignored her. She continues to stay on the side of me and honks again and lays her horn on me... I look at her and say "WHAT?" and she responds (very rudely, may I add) "Well are you just going to sit there or are you actually going to pump gas?" and then I get REALLY pissed off and look at her and say (Also I say it VERY rudely) "Are you for real? I'm pumping gas right now..." and the guy next to me on the other side just laughs and goes "Yea your just going to sit in your car and hangout at a gas station..." I than replied "I know, because I just love spending my free time hanging out at gas stations, sitting in my car. Its my favorite thing to do."  I normally am a very, VERY patient person and I rarely (if ever) get upset... I can normally deal with rude people but today was just not the day to make me upset. I mean come on you are going to honk at me a total of 5 times because you think I am just sitting in my car? I mean you can't just pull up a little more and realize, oh wow the pump is in her gas tank and she is in fact pumping gas! People are truly amazing. Not only that but there were 2 spots that were open, I don't know what the hell was so magical about my gas pump, that she felt the need to want it THAT bad. 

Anyways, I feel a bit better now.... Thank you! 

Re: There were a few things that happened today that really t...

j12003-have you tried looking for vets in your area that offer low-cost neutering?  When I took my dog to get spayed at the local Spay and Neuter Clinic, it was $100 (higher since she was over 50 pounds and spaying is more expensive and complicated than neutering).  They're not full vet offices, but if you're just looking to get an animal fixed they can be lifesavers.  I have three cats now, and between my pets, kids, and makeup/clothes addiction, funding the spaying of four animals on the money I make would've been difficult if not for that clinic.


I work in a pet store, and I agree with the previous comment that people who are unwilling to take care of their pets are infuriating.  You wouldn't believe the sheer number of people that call or come in asking for a miracle fix that I just can't give them:  I'm not a vet!  Yes, they're expensive, but they're true experts and your pets are worth it.

Re: There were a few things that happened today that really t...

Vets can be verrrrry expensive!! Trust me, I have spent over $3000 in the last 6 months at my vet. I have a dog and 3 cats, plus I take care of my neighbors 2 cats who could care less about their animals....I just hate to see them starving and uncared for so I foot the bill for peice of mind. And some people are just (for lack of better words) retarded! OMG do I wish I coulda been there with you to give it to that lady......I mean c'mon lmao SOME PEOPLE!!! Smiley Wink Smiley Wink

Re: There were a few things that happened today that really t...

@ Firecracker7383


I would love to know why people have animals if they aren't willing to support them and get their animals help when they need it. So good for you, for stepping up and taking care of them!  A year ago when I was leaving my mom's house and I came across this dog that was left at the side of the road (I'm assuming the owner just left him there) and the poor thing had wounds all over him (like he was abused), had cigarette burns on him, could barely walk because his leg was broken (which I found out when I took him to the vet) and I immediately took him to the vet... obviously I was going to do anything to keep this dog alive and to help it. BUT at the vet this dog was suffering from kidney failure, had a horrible infestation of fleas... to make a long story short the vet had to put the dog down because of all the internal problems this dog had. But seriously, I just can not believe some people and how some people treat their pets. Obviously I complain (because that's what I'm best at! According to my boyfriend hahaha!) about my dog costing me $500 but I am going to spend thousands of dollars if I need to keep him healthy, because I feel like he is my child! 


And I wish you would have been there! You would have probably started cracking up like everyone else was. I felt like I was in a movie... EVERYONE was just staring, even the cashier guy sat there staring through the window laughing. What a day! 

Re: There were a few things that happened today that really t...

I really do not know! She looked around the same age as me, so I would assume she knows you can pump gas without holding it? But who knows... All I know is everyone was looking at her and looking at me and were cracking up. Especially the guy next to me, he just stood there in amazement, laughing. Now that I look back at it, it does make me laugh because it was just so dumb for her to get so upset and for me to get so upset. Oh well!

Re: There were a few things that happened today that really t...

I'm sorry you're having a crummy day but #2 is just funny! Is it possible she never figured out what the little metal piece is that holds the lever up? I wonder if she was confused as to how you could pump gas without physically holding it...

I'm currently angry at Laura Mercier and may never buy he...

I'm currently angry at Laura Mercier and may never buy her products again.  A company's customer service says alot about the company itself and her customer service is awful. 

I placed an order on the LM site a full week ago and my order hasn't even processed yet.  I called customer service and was instructed to leave a message, which I started to do, and then was disconnected.  So I called back and same thing.  I emailed this morning and so far nothing.  Grr.

I'll let you know what happens!

Re: I'm currently angry at Laura Mercier and may never buy he...

OMG I would be furious!!! I totally agree, I am all about CS....If that is lacking I could care less about anything else a company has to offer! Without GOOD CS they have nothing in my eyes! Thats the #1 reason I love Sephora <3 GL with them getting it resolved! I hope they get it straightened out quickly for you! Smiley Happy

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