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Awesome Value Sets!

#1 Bite Color+ Shine To Go Ok so Bite is not a cheap brand at all. And I have always heard awsome things about the lip products and have been dying to try SOMETHING out, but nothing has ever looked good enough to pay all that money. This set consists of 2 mini luminous creme lipsticks and a mini lip shine for......$15!!!!!! I know they are mini, but most people usually dont use up thier entire lipstick/lipgloss any way by the time you have to throw it out. A single full sized lip shine is $20 and a single full sized luminous creme lipstick is $24! I would say that is a huge deal. Plus the colors are to die for! The lipsticks are a dustyrose (fig) and a nude rose(pepper) and the lip shine is a coral pink(sante)! Those colors could work for almost anyone! Anyone would be crazy not to get this!


#2 Benefit Tan About Town When I saw the price on this one, I was in shock. Benefit doesnt have as an expensive reputation as Bite, but check this out. This set consists of a mini some kind-a gorgeous foundation, a mini hoola bronzer, and a mini BADgal lash mascara for..... $12!!!!!! The some kind-a  gorgeous foundation is creamy and goes on smooth. It dries really quick and doesnt look cakey. Dont worry about the color of your skin too much, I have light skin and this is medium, but it blends really well. The hoola bronzer id awesome but since its a mini, a huge bronzer brush might not work at well. That pretty much the only set back. The BADgal lash is awesome. It has a nice and big brush that applies just the right amount of mascara to make your lashes look gorgeous! The full sized some kind-a gorgeous(medium) is $24, the full sized hoola is $28, and the full sized BADgal lash mascara( is $19. Huge deal!


#3 Smashbox Try it Kit So this one I loved because of how much they give you! Smashbox is a nice brand and have nice products. Check it out! Photo finish foundation primer, photo finish lid primer, hperlash mascara (blackout), lip enhancing gloss(Illume), and limitless eye liner (fig) all minis. You get all of this for only..... $19!!!!!! Its a great deal. This one set, would take care of almost an entire morning makeup rutine! The gloss is a sparkly light pink and the eye liner is a brownish color and the mascara is a black. The full sized Photo finish foundation primer is $42, photo finish lid primer is $20, hperlash mascara (blackout) is $21, lip enhancing gloss(Illume) $18, and limitless eye liner (fig) is $19. Great price and products!


I just had to share about these great deals! Smiley Wink

Re: Awesome Value Sets!

wow. you got me on the benift and smashbox kits. bite has wine extract in their products, though, and i'm underage.

Re: Awesome Value Sets!

@nanobear:...Bite uses resveratrol, which is an has nothing to do with a legal drinking age Smiley Wink


@smartmint: I highly recommend Bite -- the glosses are outstanding, as are the lipsticks!

Re: Awesome Value Sets!

HI smartmint! 


Glad you were able to find some of our great deals and offers we have for our spring items! I agree with Katie, the Bite line is a GREAT lip line with some creamy lipsticks with a lot of pigment. I love them Smiley Happy We should be getting more value sets and combination kits for the Spring so keep checking back!


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Awesome Value Sets!

Thanks for sharing @smartmint! I love value sets they're a great way to test out new products, or have travel sizes of your favs.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Awesome Value Sets!

@smartmint I love the mini Bite set! I bought it Monday, and you are right! It's gorgeous colors and they feel sooo smooth! I highly recommend it too!

Re: Awesome Value Sets!

SmartMint!! Talk about Helping Ur Beauty Sistas out!! ;-) Thank You for Sharing and breaking down full Product size prices too! Looking at it that way definitely makes it Amazingly cheap. I looked at the Bite Products in Store and put it back to look at something else I was distracted with and forgot to pick up prior paying. Darn.. I purchased the Benefit Tan About Town Set for MyDaughter online so She could have mini Hoola Bronzer and I kept Benefit BadGal Mascara and Benefit SomeKindAGorgeous. (MyDaughter is 4 Years and 10 Months and is a Sassy Diva and so <3 ing MakeUp like HerMommy) :-) I am thinking about making a run to Sephora for BiteBeauty Kit today and possibly Smashbox Set. ThankYou for posting again. Have a Great Day! AngieB.

Re: Awesome Value Sets!

I read this and loved it. You spent so much time, and honestly I'm entrigued to go get something now...thx!
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