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Are the message boards dead?

Just a casual observation here but it seems like there aren't as many new posts as there used to be.  Is this just me or does it seem that way to other people, too?  Don't get me wrong, I know a lot of the new posts used to be the same topic over and over again, but it seems a little dead around here.  You can tell me if it's just me!  🙂

Re: Are the message boards dead?

Congratulations on receiving your promotion @tjffc.

Re: Are the message boards dead?

@Loretta55 Thank you.

Re: Are the message boards dead?

@tjffc  Congratulations!!!  I hope things calm down for you soon.

Re: Are the message boards dead?

@Ispend2much6 Thank you.

Re: Are the message boards dead?

@tjffc @SportyGirly125 I agree with both of you; life seems to have gotten busier recently but the whole vibe of the BIC seems to have shifted somehow; there are still a lot of "staple" members who are always consistent but there are quite a few faces that I don't feel like I've seen for awhile.

Re: Are the message boards dead?

@itscarin We have been talking about this on Instagram.  A lot of people who have been on here for years have left and agree that the posts have died down.

Re: Are the message boards dead?

@SportyGirly125 I wonder if it’s because we’re all getting older or if communication is just changing.  It kind of feels like being on AIM circa 2004 or so.  Some people were on there but most of them just idled and never responded. Haha!  Now I’ve really outed myself for being old. 

Re: Are the message boards dead?

@itscarin I lived in aol chat rooms and then those on yahoo messenger. I was really bummed out when messenger got rid of those. I think that was around 2010 or maybe a year or two after. The name sprocketta was my handle on aol and has stayed with me since.

Re: Are the message boards dead?

@itscarin Hahahah....those were the days.  Now I dated myself too.

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