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Aqualillies Alert!

I wanted to share this with everyone who missed out the first time- I just spotted the Aqualillies palette on QVC's website!


And yes, it's totally in-stock.

Re: Aqualillies Alert!

well, I realize it isn't the palette, but QVC does still have the Aqualillies for TARTE glamazon lipstick and Aqualillies Clay eyeliner... Just an FYI!

Re: Aqualillies Alert!

starletta, I saw this and thought backup too! I love my Aqualillies, I wore it recently when taking a trip to CA. It is one of my favorite palettes. I don't talk about it much because i know it's LE and wasn't available. My only negative comment is the blue shadow isn't very pigmented in my palette.  Now Im going to rave! It is such an awesome palette!!! Totally worth it. Great packaging (hard case). and some of the shadows are really unique/one of a kind.



Re: Aqualillies Alert!

My blue isn't very pigmented either Smiley Sad 

I love bikini though, it works so well over shadow sticks. 

I'm really contemplating getting another one, but a lot of the eyeshadows are boring, it's enough to get buy when traveling, and I already have the tarte blush palette & a few of their bronzers. 

The only reason why I would get another is to depot one of them, and keep one intact. Is that crazy? 

Re: Aqualillies Alert!

I love that the blue isn't very pigmented, but I'm not a blue shadow girl.


Heck, I keep running into things that everyone wants. Today I spotted multiple Hourglass palettes and the rose gold Becca luminizer at a store.

Re: Aqualillies Alert!

wow! I love mine & hope people take advantage of this! It's a great palette! 

Re: Aqualillies Alert!

I know!  I put mine away for the fall so that I'd have lots of waterproof goodness for next summer.  It's basically all I wore this summer to combat the heat and humidity.


It's so awesome I briefly thought about buying a backup!

Re: Aqualillies Alert!

I've been wearing mine almost every other day since I got it about six weeks ago and I've made a good dent in a couple of the colors so I actually bought two more, just in case. I never buy backups of anything really, so two is insane to me. Thank you thank you thank you for the heads up!

Re: Aqualillies Alert!

Aqualillies palette is available on Tarte's website as well.

Re: Aqualillies Alert!

AHHHH, such exciting news! 

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