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April Showers isn't kidding.

I feel like I was gone forever. The past 2 days, its been raining and snowing. I lost my internet connection for 2 days! Hows the weather were you're living?


Re: April Showers isn't kidding.

Ugh in New Mexico spring can be pretty bad, its dusty and windy, everyone has allergies and the other day it snowed! Don't get me wrong I love snow, and we probably needed the moisture, but its April and I want to wear shorts haha.

Re: April Showers isn't kidding.

80 in california Smiley Happy

Re: April Showers isn't kidding.

The weather in Nebraska has been crazy for this time of year but not that crazy. 


For a few days we dropped into 30's and had some sleet and flurries.  Today it's supposed to be 50 so that's a little closer to normal for April.

Re: April Showers isn't kidding.

Tornado warnings and a rained out baseball game in North Carolina Smiley Sad But now, the skies are blue and the weather has dropped down to a reasonable temperature!

My hair (curly) is ruined tho...

Re: April Showers isn't kidding.


We've had a mix of weather the past 2 weeks. It's been in the 80's some days, and 30's others. We started planting and de-winterizing a lot of plants & tonight it's going to drop to the mid 20's. I hope my plants don't get frostbite Smiley Sad Considering it's late April, we haven't had a lot of rain, but we did have a lot of snow this winter & trees and plants are starting to come up. 

Surprisingly though I have seen a single squirrel or chipmunk, but all the other animals are out. I'm wondering where they are hiding... not that I'm complaining or anything LOL 


Stay dry! 

Re: April Showers isn't kidding.

Wow! I hope everyone stayed safe through your weather!


There are very few things I can think of that are more frustrating than internet outages.


I've been through three horrendous ice storms in recent years that have rendered me powerless for 7-13 days at a time. At first it is kind of an adventure....then I start going crazy!


Today it is predicted to get up to 62 degrees, but the wind is really blowing, so not exactly a great day to sit outside. After seeing your picture, I won't complain!

Re: April Showers isn't kidding.

Lordy girl! I guess you had to park your car and bring out the boat for transportation.Glad your back!Smiley Happy Also forgot to say the weather here has been stormy one day, cool the next, and warm the next. Ahhh gotta love mother nature.

Re: April Showers isn't kidding.

Holy cow, Bananachoo! O_O


The weather where I'm at has been pretty nice, my bf's family was in town the past few days so I was absent from BT. It was kind of drizzly, although no thunderstorms, but then it got pretty chilly, down to the mid 50s! Brrrrr, I had shorts on one day because the morning felt nice but come mid afternoon I regretted not wearing pants!

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