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April Favorites

I'm pretty sure sephoramusthave made a thread to this somewhere...I can't find it. Since I'm pretty sure most of us took advantage of Chic Week, we must have found some new products that we fell in love with. What are your favorites this month? 

Clarisonic Mia 2: I picked this up during Chic Week, when I had the 15% off and I also pick up replacement brushes as well. I can honestly say that this is the best purchase I've made during Chic Week. This completely change the way, I clean my skin and how much better my products are absorbing into my skin. Been using it morning and night for the past 2 weeks. 


YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in number 15, Corail Intuitive: Such a nice coral pink for the spring/summer time. This is a pretty moisturizing lipstick, so don't expect this to stay put all day, you are going to need to reapply it. I don't mind reapplying it, it goes on smooth and it smells great? lol, maybe its just this one but mine smells super good. 


UD Deluxe Shadow Box: I had this one for a while and I decided to bust these colors out for the spring/summer. Whenever I feel like adding a pop of color, these are the ones I've been reaching for. 



Re: April Favorites

dannyc I agree. I have zero self control, sometimes I don't even make it home and have to open things up while I'm still in the car!

Re: April Favorites

Oh I do that too, but I was a little embarrassed to admit it after reading the self control crayzeeRN has! 

Re: April Favorites

lo me too, that kind of self-control is very impressive. I sound like an addict that I can't wait until I get home!

Re: April Favorites

I'm not sure actually... I usually am terrible and open things almost immediately!! I've been finding that using things up lately has been almost as satisfying as opening something new up so I think that helps!


I get self-conscious often because none of my family/friends are really into makeup, and therefore the collection I have vs. everyone else's seems absolutely rediculous! Thankfully, I've found you guys with an equal addiction to makeup! (and collections bigger than mine!) Smiley Very Happy

Re: April Favorites

Wow, that's some crazy self-control!  I barely wait until I'm out of the store!

Re: April Favorites

I've actually been loving Maybelline's dark circle concealer. It really similar to the NARS radiant creamy concealer. It's more similar than the Revlon age defy concealer, which most people compare the NARS to. the only thing I hate is the packaging. 


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