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Anyone know of a decent detox plan?

I'm looking for a (free) plan to follow for a detox. (I've never detoxed before) Also my diet high in sugar, carbs and fat is not helping me one bit. I could definately feel better lol. If you know of a good site that would help a newbie detoxer, please pm me or post other suggestions here. Thanks Smiley Happy

Re: Anyone know of a decent detox plan?

Just my personal plan for pre-holiday but it might be useful:

I'm going to do this first glowing green smoothie in the morning for a week or so while I eliminate the carb-y and sugary things that have crept into my diet, then I'll try the Dr Oz 3 Day below it (using my own vitamins). Whole food juicing/smoothies are my chosen method. If you have a not-so-great diet, easing into a gentle cleanse or detox isn't as harsh but I still have sugar and carb withdrawals. I'll add a protein shake or additional smoothie if I get hungry, I don't believe in crash cleanses for quick weight loss but more as a seasonal reset to get my diet more healthy in the long run. Like spa cuisine, same idea. 


Re: Anyone know of a decent detox plan?

Like others are saying, use caution.


A few months ago, I bought the David Kirsch 2-day Detox Cleanse that all the stars were apparently using. Basically it's a big bottle of juice that you drink for 2 days, plus water. The first day wasn't so bad. I wasn't hungry by the afternoon, and it seemed easy. Day 2: you know that feeling when you take a Tylenol on an empty stomach? Multiply by at least 10. I woke up in so much pain. I was dry-heaving and almost went to the ER (the only reason I didn't was because I didn't have a way to get there). I knew I had to try to eat something, but I couldn't keep anything down. That was miserable. I was sore and sick for about a week afterwards.

Re: Anyone know of a decent detox plan?

I would never try anything too extreme. If you want to try a baby step I suggest picking up a box of the Yogi Berry Detox tea (the peach one is not as good, its a lot spicier - I am not a fan of chai if you are you might like it but its not as enjoyable as berry). This can be found at Whole Foods or even your local grocery store - my Kroger sells them. If I have a very greasy day of eating... as in, eating out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner... having one of these teas at the end of the day makes me feel AHMAYZING. Its got some potent stuff in it (different extracts and herbs). If you read the back of the box I think it says if you drink it for a month take a month break or something crazy like that. But its a good option it makes me feel less bloated after drinking and less gross feeling, also helps with hydration!

Re: Anyone know of a decent detox plan?

I think it depends on your definition of detox, but I don't think anyone needs any of the extreme detox plans that celebrities talk about (your body already detoxes itself). However, to feel better and get healthier, I would recommend upping your veggie and fruit intake. The way I do this is by making fruit and veggie smoothies everyday (heavier on the veggie now but started with heavier on the fruit to get used to the taste). 


Also, I would like to add that I always suggest people talk with a doctor or nutritionist before starting anything really new for them (especially if they are new to nutrition). However, not a lot of doctors know much about nutrition, really. Trust me, I have many friends who are doctors and they just don't. I do know two who supplemented their medical school training though and they are fabulous with nutritional information, so I am positive there are others out there too that are helpful in this area. Also, some nutritionists are more current on their information than others. So be sure who ever you see, you are comfortable with and you feel is quite knowledgeable. Some of the advice I've seen nutritionists give is cringe-worthy. Of course, there are great ones too. If you would like me to point you in a few more specific directions PM me. Good luck!!

Re: Anyone know of a decent detox plan?

I have tried several different detox plans/diets and judging by your current diet, I recommend eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Eating healthier is the best step to feeling better. You definitely don't need a stereotypical Hollywood detox plan to have more energy, become stronger, sleep better, and have better digestion.


Here are some general guidelines:

- Don't cut out major food groups, just reduce.

- Map out a plan with a deadline date for eating a healthy foods, maybe 3 months in the future.

- Start a food diary and count calories so you can see how you're improving.

- Give in to your cravings in small portions or as a reward for working out/sticking to the diet.

- Let your doctor know that you're changing your diet, so he/she can advise you and answer questions.

- Cook creatively. Healthy food tastes different from processed, high sugar/fat foods, so make fun recipes. Smoothies, frittatas, pasta, and dumplings are great foods to sneak in fruits and vegetables.

Re: Anyone know of a decent detox plan?

Please don't forget that you already have 3 detoxifiers that work around the clock (Kidneys& liver)! 

I know you want to loose weight & be healthier, but a lot of those detox programs cause more harm then good. What do you think happens to your body when you flush out all the good bacteria inside you? You're left with 0 immunity. 

The weight you loose during a detox is usually all water weight & most people gain it all back within a few days. Also, when the body goes into starvation mode, it attacks muscle, not fat. 

You posted a while ago that you wanted to make changes, it won't be easy to detox when you're used to having a diet high in sugar, carbs & fat. Try swapping an unhealthy breakfast or snack with a fruit & veggie smoothie. Start off small, or you're going to be overwhelmed & give up. 

Have you looked into weight watchers yet? 

Re: Anyone know of a decent detox plan?

If you're planning on doing a cleanse or detox that involves seriously restricting or eliminating large portions of your diet, PLEASE do so only after speaking to your doctor.  You have no idea how many people try to "go gluten free" or start crazy diets only to end up with iron/vitamin deficiencies and weakened immune systems.  A doctor or nutritionist can help you figure out how to SAFELY change your diet!

Re: Anyone know of a decent detox plan?

Yes, great advice!! 

Re: Anyone know of a decent detox plan?

Hi FS!  I don't think the Fast Metabolism Diet is listed as a detox diet specifically, but it certainly relieves your liver and kidneys and amps your metabolism back up.  It's supposed to be four weeks, I did just over two and it made a HUGE difference for me.  I felt different, much more energetic, and I also learned to eat differently so I've stayed on track (not as rigid) since stopping.  If you have a kindle or iPad you can get the book for $10 I think.  That, and the right groceries, is all you need. Smiley Very Happy


Good luck!

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