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Any yoginis out there?

I love practicing yoga but the skin on my elbows and knees is taking a beating! Any recommendations on how to make my skin look and feel smoother? The cheaper the better Smiley Wink

Re: Any yoginis out there?

How do you do yoga?  What I mean is, is there a certain personality trait I need to work on?  Patience?  Maybe I have ADD?  

I've tried to do yoga but I find it so boring it makes me want to scream.  Which is unfortunate because I love the way I feel physically afterwards (on the occasions I can force myself to stick with more than 15 minutes anyway.)

Would love any words of wisdom you can offer!

Re: Any yoginis out there?

I'm with you on the ADD tendencies! I find that yoga is all about intention for me personally. I truly got into after being diagnosed with MS, and I was able to let go of my fears and focus on healing by concentrating on my breath and focusing on my balance and ensuring that my core was strong. When I practice yoga i only focus on the positive and picture my nerves getting remyelinated, and hey, so far some of the spots in my spine have disappeared according to my MRIs! Yoga definitely gives you peace of mind Smiley Happy

Re: Any yoginis out there?

That's amazing!  Smiley Happy


A few years ago my left arm was consistently going numb and my doc wanted to send me to a neurologist.  I realized he wanted to rule out MS and I freaked out. (Long story short - it ended up being my birth control pills.)  But I read some stories similar to yours regarding MS and women who healed themselves with positive thinking and lifestyle changes.  They got a lot of backlash from others with MS saying it was a bunch of bull, but like you, their MRI's didn't lie.  The spots were there and then they weren't.  Here's to further healing!

Re: Any yoginis out there?

Thanks so much for all the recommendations! Darn, guess I have to do some shopping!

Re: Any yoginis out there?

A fellow yogini!  I haven't had any problems with extra dryness, but my skin does feel a little tender if I'm doing more balance poses than usual Smiley Happy  One of my favs, besides Janine's recommendation, is the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream.  


First Aid Beauty - Ultra Repair Cream


Its creamy & rich, but doesnt leave a greasy feeling at all.  That way you know you wont slip out of any of those balance postures Smiley Happy


xo, Mia

Re: Any yoginis out there?

On the occasions when I scuff up my elbows I wear a rashguard shirt (like the kind you wear surfing) that's breathable and gives an extra layer between your skin and the mat. A lightweight breathable running top would work too. They sell soft surface yoga mats (check out the ones in TJMaxx, they have really nice ones for a great price) that are easier on your elbows and knees than the ones at the studio. Some of those feel like sandpaper to me, I think they get a lot of use and the surface breaks down or they aren't made from the softest materials to begin with. 


Good luck!

Re: Any yoginis out there?

I love love love yoga but I have the opposite problem! I have to powder myself down before I practice because I get very sweaty and oily and my limbs will slip out from beneath me!

Re: Any yoginis out there?

Hi LCResz,

I highly recommend the Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter. It is scentless so you can apply it an hour or so before your yoga class and you won't have a scent lingering! I did a few bikram classes and they specified no perfume. It's really hydrating too and leaves my skin feeling soft.


deep comfort.jpg

<3 Melissa

Re: Any yoginis out there?

Yes! I'm a yogi!


I haven't really been practicing as much recently due to the fact that my studio is currently under construction. I know what you mean about the elbows and knees though! My favorite products for dry or chaffed skin are:


Soap & Glory's Butter Yourself Body Butter

It's rich in hydration, smells great, and is very soothing.




Josie Maran's Argan Oil

This is a cult classic and with good reason! It does it all and doesn't leave you feeling too greasy.




If you're finding that your knees and elbows are extra tender I'd recommend investing in a yoga towel or even a yoga block either will help to make getting in some of those positions easier on the joints.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Any yoginis out there?

Coconut oil!

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