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Any yoginis out there?

I love practicing yoga but the skin on my elbows and knees is taking a beating! Any recommendations on how to make my skin look and feel smoother? The cheaper the better Smiley Wink


Re: Any yoginis out there?

That's amazing!  Smiley Happy


A few years ago my left arm was consistently going numb and my doc wanted to send me to a neurologist.  I realized he wanted to rule out MS and I freaked out. (Long story short - it ended up being my birth control pills.)  But I read some stories similar to yours regarding MS and women who healed themselves with positive thinking and lifestyle changes.  They got a lot of backlash from others with MS saying it was a bunch of bull, but like you, their MRI's didn't lie.  The spots were there and then they weren't.  Here's to further healing!

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