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Any teachers out there? Gift ideas?

I'm stumped on ideas for small gifts to buy my kids' teachers.  Any teachers out there who could tell me what gifts you love to receive? Any ideas are appreciated!


2 of the teachers are male mid-to-late 20's.  1 female early 20's and 1 female late 30's.  


edit - My children attend a Lutheran school so Christmas/religious themed gifts would be appropriate.

Re: Any teachers out there? Gift ideas?

Oh yeah, these are awesome! I remember my mom getting some of these too Smiley Happy

Re: Any teachers out there? Gift ideas?

My mom's a teacher and she prefers Target gift cards. She always gets a billion coffee mugs and Starbucks gift cards and she never uses them.


 Other ideas that stood out for her:

-Bath and Body Works Shower gel



For the gift card amount question, my mom has gotten anywhere from $10 to $100. The amount kind of depends on the place their for.


Re: Any teachers out there? Gift ideas?

A couple of my teacher friends posted these this week to their FB. Probably not a great gift but good for a laugh. Smiley Happy



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