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Any teachers out there? Gift ideas?

I'm stumped on ideas for small gifts to buy my kids' teachers.  Any teachers out there who could tell me what gifts you love to receive? Any ideas are appreciated!


2 of the teachers are male mid-to-late 20's.  1 female early 20's and 1 female late 30's.  


edit - My children attend a Lutheran school so Christmas/religious themed gifts would be appropriate.

Re: Any teachers out there? Gift ideas?

A couple of my teacher friends posted these this week to their FB. Probably not a great gift but good for a laugh. Smiley Happy





Re: Any teachers out there? Gift ideas?

My mom's a teacher and she prefers Target gift cards. She always gets a billion coffee mugs and Starbucks gift cards and she never uses them.


 Other ideas that stood out for her:

-Bath and Body Works Shower gel



For the gift card amount question, my mom has gotten anywhere from $10 to $100. The amount kind of depends on the place their for.

Re: Any teachers out there? Gift ideas?

Hot chocolate spoons! I did this all the time growing up! Or peppermint bark. You can purchase it but the kids will LOVE making it! 


When I was younger I would make a bunch of chocolate spoons and put them in a cute mug with either some tea or coffee or a Starbucks gift card. 


I'd also check pinterest, they have TONS of stuff! Especially if you want to make it with puns! 

Re: Any teachers out there? Gift ideas?

Oh yeah, these are awesome! I remember my mom getting some of these too Smiley Happy

Re: Any teachers out there? Gift ideas?

Hot chocolate spoons! I did this all the time growing up! Or peppermint bark. You can purchase it but the kids will LOVE making it! 

Re: Any teachers out there? Gift ideas?

My favorite gift when I was a substitute was a homemade macaroni picture frame and card that one of my students made, but obviously that's not appropriate past Elementary. ^_^


Barring that sort of thing, gift cards are always appropriate and welcome. Silly gifts like apple shaped or scented candles can be fun too. If you know the teacher really well, then I'd go for something more personal. If not, it's better to get something generic.

Re: Any teachers out there? Gift ideas?

Related question: what is a reasonable amount to put on a gift card? 

Re: Any teachers out there? Gift ideas?

I think between $10-$25?  I had a few parents from Coto De Caza who would go all out and give quite a bit of money/fancy presents. But I think most parents gave me $10-$25 GC's

Re: Any teachers out there? Gift ideas?

i used to be a teacher. I loved getting gift cards. Beauty items too (candles, bath stuff). One kid brought in a HUGE load (I think it was 3 large boxes) of organic produce and that MADE my day (was my favorite gift)!  His family owned an organic farm. But I know another person wouldn't appreciate it as much as I do (i love organic produce with a passion!)


I guess it depends on the personality and likes of the teacher. Barnes and Noble or Amazon is a good gift card. Do the teachers like coffee? Maybe a mug and goodies from Starbucks?

Re: Any teachers out there? Gift ideas?

Here are two that I used when my children were in school:

1. The day from H e l l  kit: votive candles [at least 6], small bottle of bath gel and lotion [philosophy/clean], happy pills*, a pretty bowl, pitcher, or whatever from the thrift store [look for these all year] - have another teacher find out their favorite scent and candy - *go to pharmacy and get the ginormous Rx bottle and fill with their favorite candy - print out a label on the computer with a big Rx and Happy pills - take as many as needed prn until feeling better- fill with crinkle paper or filler of your choice - wrap each item and put into container - set container in the middle of several sheets of newspaper or Sephora packing paper - make a slit in each corner thru all the layers - take 2 or 3 yards of beautiful/festive ribbon and wind thru the slits and carefully pull the ribbon - make into large bow. Punch a whole in the corner of the card and attach near the bow and/or add an ornament or something sweet


2. when the summer sales of school supplies comes around, by up lots of the basics and stash away for December or January when supplies are running low - put a treat for the teacher in with the supplies - fix up a box or a bag or whatever you can think of and gift to teacher on last day of school or first day back from the holiday break

Re: Any teachers out there? Gift ideas?

My mom just retired from teaching, so I've seen lots of the gifts she has gotten over the years. She was always happy to get little giftcards (usually $10 or less, nothing big) for Panera, Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, etc. Little gifts of sweets or homemade goodies, hot chocolate, little hand creams, hand sanitizer are other examples of things she received.


By far, her favorites have been Christmas ornaments- our family tree has always had a collection of them, and she can still tell you exactly who gave her which ornament, even those that go back 20+ years!

Re: Any teachers out there? Gift ideas?

As a first grade teacher my sister loves when she gets gift cards to Staples, Barnes and Noble, or other places to buy supplies. My sister buys a lot of thIngs for the classroom and gift cards like this help a lot. 


Her school has a Kuerig coffee machine and she'll enjoy coffee on her break. I know she'd love a package of flavored coffees. I know she finds food thoughtful but not something she'll actually eat that much of.


Last year someone organized with the class for people to donate what they planned to spend and they made a donation to some disaster relief charity (or maybe that was end of year) and I think she might have liked that best of all. 

Re: Any teachers out there? Gift ideas?

There is a site called, they offer Christian gifts and are fairly reasonable in price. They have a bangle bracelet with the Lord's Prayer inscribed which is pretty cute, for the male teachers, maybe a bible cover? May your Holidays be blessed.

Re: Any teachers out there? Gift ideas?

Men like food gifts, so small gift cards or goodies (purchased or homemade) might work for them.  Or for everyone, for that matter.


Unless you know that the teacher celebrates Christmas at home, tree ornaments or other Christmas decorations may not be appropriate. 



Re: Any teachers out there? Gift ideas?

My children attend a Christian school.  I'll edit my original post.  Thanks!

Re: Any teachers out there? Gift ideas?

Hey! Smiley Happy My mom and I pick out gifts for my teachers and my siblings teachers every year. Teachers LOVE starbucks gift cards!! 

I don't know if you have a Sams Club membership, but they have some great gift sets like this one that are very affordable at just $9. They're perfect for giving with a gift card, or a tin of cookies or chocolate.


Re: Any teachers out there? Gift ideas?

I love handmade food gifts like cookies, fudge, or spicy-sweet nuts for this sort of thing, but i don't know if that fits in your time constraints.  The plus is that you can make them in one big batch and then divide them up in pretty containers.  


Also, I find that starbucks or dunkin donuts gift cards in small amounts are always welcome!

Re: Any teachers out there? Gift ideas?

I don't know if this is in the price range ($15), but you couldn't possibly go wrong with this:


Re: Any teachers out there? Gift ideas?

I know some people say gift cards aren't very  thoughtful gift, but we love gift cards, especially Visa gift cards because they can be used on anything. 


But I know in my center we generally like:

- Makeup 

- Jewelry [Now the type depends on the age. I work in a twos classroom and they don't tug and pull, but danle earrings and cute/different necklaces can turn into one of two things 1. A distraction 2. A great conversation about shapes, colors, etc]

- Scarves

- Candy

- Badge holders [I work on a government base so we have to have on badges at all times]

- Cute little custom things


As for the males? That is a good question, guys are hard. If you know them well enough go off of things/shows/sports that they like. I know at my center we're doing a Secret Santa so all of the teachers had to fill out a questionnaire that their santa's could look at as well as parents so they could get something based off that. 

Re: Any teachers out there? Gift ideas?

I am a first grade teacher and I could not agree with you more. We love Visa gift cards!  They can be used anywhere for anything. 

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