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I am so happy, okay well as we know we all love free things, this morning i decided on splurging for the lancome dreamtone dark spot corrector, so i went to buy it from sephora and thought i should look around and see if maybe macys or 

nordstrom has it cheaper, well they didnt but they had amazing GWP's, 


Macys has a full size lipstick, full size bronzer, and a full sized eyeliner with $25.00 of lancome.


Nordstrom has two diff sets depending on what you like for colors, 



its for $35.00 of lancome merch, but it is an AMAZING DEAL, i calculated the value around 70, 80 bucks including the bag, which looks big.


the promo for the grey one is COOL

promo for purple is WARM


i thought i should share this with you guys Smiley Happy

Re: Amazed!

do you know if these are online only, or available in store as well?

Re: Amazed!

I've received similar GWPs from Lancome in store before, so it is likely this will be instore as well.

Re: Amazed!

thanks ladies! <3

Re: Amazed!

They're available in stores as well, but I'd check availabilities as stores tend to get limited stock Smiley Happy

Re: Amazed!

I have seen the Nordstrom one in store.

Re: Amazed!

i truthfully don't know, i saw an option where you can buy the stuff, add the promo and do in store pickup? so they probably do have them in store i'm sure...i mean i love the Cool one, i wanted to order online just in case the store didnt have that one

Re: Amazed!

The bag is really nice! I picked up the warm set, because those eyeshadows pretty much called out to me Smiley Happy

Re: Amazed!

.....and just like that, now I HAVE to get this all of a sudden! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Amazed!

You are so funny!

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