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All things Ulta!

I was thinking it would be a nice idea to have an "all things Ulta" thread where we can post deals, GWP's, new products, etc!  It would be easier to find things all in one place, as I know I can't be the only one who stalks the beauty breaks and extra point promos!

Re: All things Ulta!

Wow!  This is not what we want.  I just emailed Whole Foods because I was looking for the brands in their store and couldn't find them.


Their store website is set-up like a blog.  Instead of telling me about actual store products they were telling me how to make my own hair oil and dry hair powder.  


WTF?? I already know how to do this from a book I bought when I was 9!  I find most of this 'blog content' so juvenile. Tutorials???? Meh!


I only like looking at beauty photos.  IF something catches my attention then I will go to the direct website for more info.  I don't like the videos.  I HATE the PLAY box videos. Just write the stuff on the email. Don't try to make me watch a video. 


Are all stores going to make us watch videos now for everything????  That would take up too much of our time!


I want to get in and get out! I don't want to read tiresome articles or load APPs on my iPhone or IPad! 


hahahaha!, this turned into a mini rant but the Whole Foods website made me cranky, 

Re: All things Ulta!

I agree with all of that. 

Re: All things Ulta!

Wow - I seriously hope they don't deviate from the current point/coupon system, otherwise they will definitely lose me! 


Ulta's sales/gwps/coupons/points resulting in great value are a solid

differentiator for their brand - do they not realize that?


I have a friend who buys makeup exclusively at Ulta because it offers what she calls "real girl" makeup - a nice blend of drugstore plus mid-scale brands with great promos and sales.


Has anyone checked out the ulta (dot) com/mix site?  Not impressed - It just feels generic.


I also don't usually have time to watch videos during the day - just give me the content in a few bullet points - I am busy and impatient.  Smiley Happy



Re: All things Ulta!

Cross posting here from the Deals thread (because frankly this thread CAN NOT die!


Honorable mention for this GWP. I thought it would be a small pouch but it was surprisingly a bigger size,




Next to the Too Faced bag & Ulta catalog for size comparison:

and the samples inside:


Re: All things Ulta!

Re: All things Ulta!

Does anyone know when the 20% off coupon is sent out for Platinum members? (for prestige items)


I somehow remember someone saying it was either this month or next month. I only recently became Platinum so I don't know the schedule for when Ulta issues these. 

Re: All things Ulta!

I so want this...simply for the homage - 


Re: All things Ulta!

Cross posting from Beauty News...NARS is coming to ULTA!!!  Heart



In beauty, the Internet isn’t just for replenishment anymore — at least for Ulta Beauty shoppers, who also use digital for discovery, executives said at the company’s analyst and investor day on Thursday.

Ulta is hoping to capitalize on that shift, as the company plans for 10 percent of overall sales to come from e-commerce by 2019, up from around six percent this year.

“She is really shopping online the same way she’s shopping in stores,” said Dave Kimbell, chief merchandising and marketing officer. “She’s looking to discover.”

Ulta is also adding more focus to mobile, launching a virtual reality try-on segment called Glamlab for its app, as well as Apple Pay. “It is big for us as we’re seeing a majority of our traffic come through mobile,” Kimbell said.

The Ulta Beauty team focused on the market opportunities left for the retailer in the U.S., also detailing Ulta’s retail and real estate strategies, demographic opportunities and digital goals during the meeting. On the financial side, the company raised its earnings forecast, prompting shares to soar more than 11 percent to $266.14 at market close.

Ulta executives also shared that the company has a 13 percent share of the prestige beauty market, but only a 3 percent share of the top five brands, which include Clinique, Lancôme, Estée Lauder, Chanel and MAC Cosmetics, providing another avenue to expand. The company is additionally looking to Millennial, Latina and teen beauty enthusiasts, especially as incomes for Millennials and Latinas increase. “Shopping for beauty for the beauty enthusiast is not a chore,” Dillon said. “It’s almost like a hobby.…These folks are not just replenishing, I guess you could almost say they’re collecting, they’re amassing — they love beauty.”

To keep its beauty-hungry shoppers excited, Ulta continues to onboard new brands, the executive team said, including Origins, Estée Lauder, Proactiv and Soap & Glory, all of which launched recently, Kimbell said. For the first-time, Shiseido-owned Nars will make its way into Ulta later this year, he added. Nars confirmed the move, saying a select group of products are slated to launch in late November, with further selections for 2017. The brand is also sold at Sephora.

Ulta’s dialogue with prestige beauty brands has shifted over the years, according to Tara Simon, senior vice president of prestige merchandising. “Four and a half years ago, we’d make phone calls and wouldn’t even [get a call back],” she said. But things have shifted as the department store climate has worsened, and Ulta is ramping up programs around closing Macy’s locations, for example, she said.

Ulta’s scale is helping it in terms of exclusivity on the mass-market side as well. “This year for the first time, we have had exclusive Maybelline palettes,” said Julie Tomasi, senior vice president of merchandising for mass. “In the past, we were not big enough to warrant that attention.”

Exclusivity is key to Ulta’s success, Kimbell said, and on the mass side, it helps brings customers in who later shift to shop in prestige. “What we find is very quickly she gets exposed to the rest of our store and in many cases, she get introduced to prestige brands that she otherwise wouldn’t,” Kimbell said.

Ulta, now at about 974 doors, plans to continue opening about 100 stores per year until it has 1,400 to 1,700 U.S. locations. The real estate plan includes more suburban markets, smaller markets and beginning to develop urban markets. International expansion is still a long-term idea, the executives said, adding no international locations were baked into the overall store target number. 

Re: All things Ulta!

Yay! Bring on the Nars!! Looking forward to using some points.

Re: All things Ulta!

Hi folks-


Do you know if I use points to pay for something, do I still accrue points on the items I purchase? I have a 5X multiplier right now for being a member of their rewards program for 13 years and want points, but also have $75 in points to spend. I want my cake and to eat it too! Smiley Wink


Re: All things Ulta!

Maybe @notcreative would know - she's the in-house Ulta expert Heart

Re: All things Ulta!

You earn points only on actual money spent. If you have $150 in charges (using this amount because I would never redeem at $75) and use $125 in points, you would get $25 in points. Ulta would remove the $125 evenly across the $150, so your points would apply to the $25 divided across all items. If you have multipliers that apply to some items and not others, it is almost better to separate the items with the better multipliers out and place them in a separate order (to get full points on them). If you place them in one large order, you'd only get the 5x multiplier on that item's share of the $25 balance you paid.

Re: All things Ulta!

See what I mean @jriskus ?  She's good....

Re: All things Ulta!

I'm impressed!! Smiley Happy

Re: All things Ulta!

You are a wizard - thanks so much for the info and number crunching!!

Re: All things Ulta!

cross posting


Just an fyi for Ulta lovers that allegedly Nars is coming to Ulta.  I'm a little surprised but very pleased to hear this.  The salesperson I spoke to said they would be getting their Nars products in the next month. 

Re: All things Ulta!

I saw the NARS listing on the site last night, all I could see were blushes under "coming soon" but hopefully it's the full line 

Re: All things Ulta!

Well I finally made platinum with a salon visit and did it on the last day of the point multiplier. So yay for some extra cash back. And here is the end result:

Re: All things Ulta!

Ahh wow that is such a pretty color! I am living vicariously though you right now @snoflakefaerie lol. Gorgeous! 

Re: All things Ulta!

Thanks @Mcakes, it took me 2 years to get the guts to do it, but I'm really excited about it.


Re: All things Ulta!

love it!

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