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All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

I don't know which category to put them in so I'm just putting them here, consider it as a form of random/fun quiz.


  1. When do you exercise? morning or night? I've heard it's bad at night but that's when I have time...
  2. Do you wear gloves for household chores? I usually don't and my manicures are always ruined afterward, so I wonder if I should maybe start wearing gloves...
  3. Do you wear overnight mask/treatment? I don't mean the kind that's like a moisturizer, but things like hair mask or facial mask that have a possibility of smearing on your pillow case, how do you do that without waking up with hair mask on your face?
  4. What do you use with body scrubs? your bare hand? because by the time I get through half of my body, my palms/hands start to get...*too* polished and hurts/is a bit sensitive. Do you use a glove on your hand? puffs? towel? with the scrub
  5. Do you use any body toning products, or stuff for cellulites/stretch marks? what do you use and do they work? do they stop working after you use them (if yes, then there's really not much point, no?)?

Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

Well, I think I have just the last little push to make the soda come out. Now, imagine the portal cat doing my description of pilates. Smiley Wink

Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

Hahahaha thankfully no soda in my mouth this time!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

1.  Exercise...ah-ah-choo!...I think I'm allergic to exercise!  In the AM on the weekends and in the PM during the week (when I get home from work).


2.  ABSOLUTELY!  I'm not getting all that gunk I'm cleaning up on my hands!  Oooo, yuck!  Not to mention all those cleaning chemicals!  Do you know exactly what they can do to you short term and/or long term?  I'm not taking any chances.


3.  No.  Waste of money.


4.  When I used to use body scrubs, I used a pouf.


5.  No.  An even bigger waste of money.


@beautytester - A good place to find workout DVDs is collagevideo dot com.

Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

1) For me exercise is usually a good walk at lunch time 3-4 times a week for close to an hour. This is at lunch time, although sometimes the time might really be 3pm. I will also do the free step program on my Wii. With a long work day and a knee that I'm working hard to avoid having to replace, I can't do too much that is high impact. Since they took out two treadmills at work to replace (but somehow forgot the replacements), it's great that I can walk outside. 


2) I keep a box of disposable gloves around.  I don't always use them when washing a few dishes but defintely with chemicals. Heavy cleaning is done by someone else. (See aforementioned crazy job and a husband who had one, too.)


3) I don't use one. I still feel icky at night due to night sweats, so pillowcases and sheets get changed frequently and I always wash well I'm the morning. I would like to try a face mask. 


4) I use a puff with my normal shower gel. I just decided that the old one would be good for scrubs, but when I tried I felt like the scrub was getting lost in the puff. So I still used my hands and then used the puff. I only use one about once every two weeks and I guess it's not enough to bother my hands. I use a scrub on the hands itself at least as often if not more and I use hand cream several times a day. 


5) I don't use one. Keeping my face looking reasonable and my arms and legs feeling soft and not too dry is plenty to keep up with. The rest is just part of life for me. 

Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

1 afternoon then I take a nap


2 no gloves! They make my hands feel icky. 


3 no mask just an overnight moisturizer. Right now I'm using Algenist


4 I have a great sea sponge I use. 


5 queen Helena cocoa butter is the best stuff ever. I have been using it forever and its never stopped working for me

Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

1.) Umm, does chasing after my 1 year old count as exercise?


2.) No...I make my own cleaning solution to stay away from all the chemicals and I think the gloves would just feel gross on my hands


3.) I rarely wear one, but if I do I put a towel over the pillowcase.


4.) Yep, with my bare hand.


5.) Used them 10+ years ago in high school, I thought they felt cool (they had a cooling effect) but I never noticed any actual toning or cellulite change.

Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

1. I don't have a set exercise routine, but I'm outside often. I love exercising with the Wii. Just Dance is definitely a work out! Hiking up and down the steps on campus can be quite a workout, too.

2. No. However, I may need the long yellow gloves next time I have to give a cat a bath lol.

3. Nope.

4. Bare hands. I don't know much about scrubs lol.

5. I use an after tanning lotion that is supposed to keep skin tone and whatnot. I just think it smells amazing lol.

Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

1. I usually workout in the afternoons/early evenings. I've heard that it's bad to workout at night too, but I've broken that rule dozens of times.


2. I don't wear gloves for household chores, I just find them to be more of a hassle over everything else.


3. I don't really care for overnight masks if I'm laying down? Haha but if I'm on an airplane they're great!


4. I usually just use my hands with a body scrub. But then again I only use the scrub on my legs rather than my entire body so my hands don't really get sensitive.


5. I don't use toning products, but I hear that most work when paired with exercise and healthy eating.

Whimsically yours,
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