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All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

I don't know which category to put them in so I'm just putting them here, consider it as a form of random/fun quiz.


  1. When do you exercise? morning or night? I've heard it's bad at night but that's when I have time...
  2. Do you wear gloves for household chores? I usually don't and my manicures are always ruined afterward, so I wonder if I should maybe start wearing gloves...
  3. Do you wear overnight mask/treatment? I don't mean the kind that's like a moisturizer, but things like hair mask or facial mask that have a possibility of smearing on your pillow case, how do you do that without waking up with hair mask on your face?
  4. What do you use with body scrubs? your bare hand? because by the time I get through half of my body, my palms/hands start to get...*too* polished and hurts/is a bit sensitive. Do you use a glove on your hand? puffs? towel? with the scrub
  5. Do you use any body toning products, or stuff for cellulites/stretch marks? what do you use and do they work? do they stop working after you use them (if yes, then there's really not much point, no?)?

Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

hahahaha, I feel like I might be arrested on BT for posting too many lolanimal pictures. But, as they say, picture speaks a thousand word, and it's quite adequate for what I want to express.


I wore gloves today cuz there's simply too many dishes to wash (how did me, by myself, accumulated 3 sinkful of dishes? oh right, cuz I was doing some experimental cooking this week....=.=). I took them off half way cuz I'm paranoid. The dishes are declared clean only if I can feel that squeak when I run my fingers on it.

Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

1. I do a lot of walking with my 3 dogs Smiley Happy In July I'm starting Belly Dance and Salsa classes a couple times a week, I'm very excited about it.

2. I don't really use gloves, though it probably would save my hands a little.

3. I don't wear any overnight masks, because I know I would smear it everywhere

4. I do use body scrubs about once a week but I do get the sore palm

5. Not at all, I'm pretty skeptical about these things

Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

This is fun! You should make more random quizzes Smiley Happy


1. I exercise at night... martial arts classes Smiley Happy However, because I work night shift, it is technically morning for me, because I'm just waking up! I don't think there's anything wrong with exercising before bedtime, but make sure you have an hour or two of 'cool-down' time before going to sleep, otherwise you can easily get muscle cramps or restless leg issues. Eating a protein snack after exercising and before sleep is a good idea, so your blood sugar won't drop while you're asleep!


2. Sometimes. Definitely if I'm using cleaning chemicals, I get contact dermatitis to a ridiculously large number of products.


3. Sometimes, but only if its something that won't get on my pillow, like my Vitamin E Mask from the Body Shop or my Korres Greek Yogurt Sleeping Facial. Not sure if Tarte Maracuja Oil counts, but I put that on overnight very frequently as well.


4. Bare hands- I use a scrub about once a week. How often are you using scrubs?


5. No. Between running around nuts in my job in the ER, and probably about 6-9 hours of martial arts a week, I am pretty much all muscle Smiley Very Happy


Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

1. Afternoon or night- I'm at work very early.

2. No

3. No

4. My hands

5. Nope.

Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

1- First thing in the AM if I know I'm going to be gardening that day so I only need one shower in the AM. If not, then around 6PM.


2- Absolutely, my nails are thin and brittle enough, dish detergent makes them split.


3- Nope, I like to go to bed with only serum + moisturizer on my face and hair masks make my fine hair look greasy.


4-I use a puff for scrubs.


5-I don't have stretch marks since my weight has stayed pretty much the same all my life, though it is less now since I went vegan. I'm also blessed by not having much cellulite (please don't hate me) and what I do have I ignore or disguise with self tanner. I have always been curious to see if those body toners do work, I just love the scientific/experimental part of beauty! Smiley Happy

Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about


1. Afternoon. I'm not a morning person & evening I'm too tired (unless it's PM yoga) 

2. Nope! But I always say I should. We try to be chemical free and use Vinegar & Water for just about all cleaning. Hardwood floors + Dog who licks feet... 

3. Nope because I'm a side sleeper. Sometimes I'll add some argan oil to my ends, but it absorbs quickly & I sleep with my hair in a french brain or bun so it won't tangle.

4. Hands. I use the Ole Henriksen Loofa Scrub, it's gritty, but doesn't hurt my hands too much. 

5. Yes/No I'm so bad at using them 2x a day. & Yes if you stop using them, the toning goes away. Basically the caffeine in the creams work to 'Plump" the skin. The more you use it the better it will work. When you stop, the plumping will go down. Cellulite is one of those things you really can't change. I know marathon runners who only eat healthy (meaning they NEVER cheat with a piece of cake) and still have cellulite. Granted it's not as bad as a lazy person's but it's still visible. 

Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

1.  I work out in the mornings on the week and and around 4:30 during the week.  I work out around my work schedule.  i use to work late at night when I was in college, but I found the later in the evening I work out, the harder it is to fall asleep that night.


2.  I dont wear gloves for chores, but I always think about it after the fact lol.  I rarely do my nails anyways, so it doesn't mess up my manicures.  Plus I find that if I clean with bleach (diluted of course)  the white part of my natural nails will look whiter and nicer. 


3. I have slept with a hari mask in before, and I wrapped my head in a plasteic bag and secured my hair in place, so that it wouldnt get everywhere.  It worked fairly well.


4.  I usually use scrubs with a gentle washcloth, which seems to work well.


5.  I dont use these products, but I hear that the products themselves tdo little to help cellulite, its actually the rubbing in of the products that has a positive effect.

Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about



Definitely with drrragon on this one! Though I go walking on the beach some mornings and when I walk back on dry sand instead of along the shore it is definitely a leg workout. 


2. For doing dishes and scrubbing the bathroom yes, my skin feels too dried out and unhappy after otherwise. 


3. No, my hair can barely tolerate one or two spritzes of leave in conditioner without being weighed down! No face masks either at this point.


4. A poof, my skin seems to hate letting go of dead cells so I use an exfoliating scrub always and scrub like crazy. 


5. No, I picked up a couple samples of the Clarins body lifting creme though, just out of curiosity. Smiley Happy

Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

Hahaha, the lalala cat cracks me up every time this thread is up on the feed. I'm not a big fan of exercise, but when things like this happen every time I put on my favorite jeans...

I was watching pilates videos and somehow ended up failing my arms wildly and turning around confusedly dancing to kpop songs. Worked up some sweat, so I consider that exercise.


Haha, looks like I should start wearing gloves, or at least remember to rub some oil on my nails after chores. Hmm, maybe I'll try the scrub with a towel next time...

Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

I love that you said "watching" pilates videos, not engaging in the exercise. I love working out at home. I basically have a personal Hot Yoga studio up in our loft (no AC with a skylight... it gets very hot up there). I like to change it up so some days I use the malibu pilates char, other days it's the quick 20 minute Jillian Michaels DVD, Yoga... depending on my mood & how motivated I am I'll go for a run before I workout. 

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