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All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

I don't know which category to put them in so I'm just putting them here, consider it as a form of random/fun quiz.


  1. When do you exercise? morning or night? I've heard it's bad at night but that's when I have time...
  2. Do you wear gloves for household chores? I usually don't and my manicures are always ruined afterward, so I wonder if I should maybe start wearing gloves...
  3. Do you wear overnight mask/treatment? I don't mean the kind that's like a moisturizer, but things like hair mask or facial mask that have a possibility of smearing on your pillow case, how do you do that without waking up with hair mask on your face?
  4. What do you use with body scrubs? your bare hand? because by the time I get through half of my body, my palms/hands start to get...*too* polished and hurts/is a bit sensitive. Do you use a glove on your hand? puffs? towel? with the scrub
  5. Do you use any body toning products, or stuff for cellulites/stretch marks? what do you use and do they work? do they stop working after you use them (if yes, then there's really not much point, no?)?

Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

1. Yes!  I do zumba a few times a week at night at a dance studio and also take ballet. I also walk in the mornings sometimes with my son (stroller). I used to do yoga a few times a week but haven't in the past 3-4 months. I should get back into it Smiley Happy


2. I use gloves for dishes and scrubbing the tub/bathroom. I always end up taking my gardening gloves off though (too hard to work with small seeds with gloves on).


3. I dont use overnight masks... yet!


4. I use my hand for scrubs and get the sensitive palms as well! I dont use an exfoliating product on my whole body regularly (prob every 2 weeks) so i dont worry about getting a glove/towel


5. I havent tried a cellulite cream but I have one in my cart on vitacost (Ive wanted to buy it for almost a year now!) it is the Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil (I also have the scrub in my cart too: Weleda Birch Body Scrub) Ive heard great things about both of these products

Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

Oh wow, sounds like you are quite the dancer/athletic person. I just attempted to exercise, but the gym was closed. =/


Know of any good Zumba, yoga, or any follow-along-at-home exercise videos?


Yeah, I used to play cello in high school, even now I still get a twinge of jealousy/nostalgia when I hear cello playing. T.T

Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

@beautytester   My friend really likes Turbo Fire and does it 5 days a week. I only have one disk and have done it a few times but my house is really small and the only time I can really work out at home is when my son is sleeping but because my house is so small, all the jumping wakes him up! So that is one of the reasons I leave home to work out.  


I love zumba. I felt weird about it at first because some of the moves are pretty sexy. I felt awkwarddddddd. but after a while I just got used to it.  I'll message you.


There are a lot of good yoga DVD's out there. I used to do the yoga classes at the gym before having my son. But then started doing the "play it now" yoga on netflix.  After I learned many of the asanas (poses) I now just turn on relaxing music (pandora channel meditation music) and just follow the flow of whatever comes into my mind/whichever asanas I feel drawn to.

Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

i used to surf 2-3 times a week when I lived out in CA. I miss it so badly. I just saw a picture posted on FB. It made me so jealous. Not sure if there are any fellow surfers here on this board, I want to be out in the water right now


Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

I used to surf every day I could when I lived on the Alabama coast (yes, there are waves there) lol


However, I still get a session in about once a month. I usually bounce around alot with my hobbies that involve water, so having time to take out my board has greatly been reduced especially since its summer. Hopefully when fall picks back up, I'll make my round in having a surf kick once again Smiley Happy


Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

I often see a guy from a couple houses over hanging out in the water just practicing catching a wave at the right time and getting up on his board but they are relatively small waves so I assume he is pretty new at it. Coming from the middle of the prairies the only experience I really had with waves was the giant wave pool at the mall and being in a boat when it was really windy on some lakes, hahaha. K-38 isn't far away from here (is this a famous enough thing that you know what I'm talking about?) and I managed to take about a 2x1" chunk of skin off my leg while just walking at K-52 on Christmas (through boots AND tights/leggings/whatever they are) I have a monster scar now. Smiley Frustrated It was super rocky and I fell down a hill of rocks, don't laugh at meeee, haha.

Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

I hope your cut healed up ok. Yeah some of the beaches are pretty rocky (Swamis, San Onofre, a few of the points I used to surf regularly in Pacific Beach).  I would wear wetsuit booties to help in case I wipe out.


The K beaches are pretty well known. A guy I used to date was really into surfing & would drive down to mexico all the time to go surfing.  He would store up his vacation time & take about a month off each year to travel to Australia, Indonesia, Hawaii, etc to surf.

I dont like huge waves (I wouldnt go out if they were bigger than 7-8 ft). Ive been surfing since I was a kid but Im pretty small and I just know that I don't want to push my limits (usually in larger waves the currents get strong).  


Since i live in TN now I dont get to surf as much (ok not nearly enough). But we take trips to the ocean about twice a year. I get to surf when I visit my family in the summer and then we drive to the carolina coast or FL usually for a week.  The first year I lived in TN I went through serious withdrawal - I missed the ocean soooo much.

Re: All the random semi-relevant questions I'm curious about

Odd, my reply keeps going to the top of this thread and not down here. I'm going to try to move it here or else I guess I'll give up on it, honestly, what it it doing??


I should probably get some sort of product to help with the scar, I usually have scars that are extremely close to my ghostly complexion so they blend in pretty invisibly, but it looks like someone took a big bite out of my shin! Apparently any staircase down to the beach would have been fine and non rocky except the one I took of course.

I am a little curious to try surfing one day but my balance is terrible so I would probably die, hahaha. I'm glad you get to get out to the ocean every so often, I don't get why anyone would want to live far away from it. My hometown is probably twenty hours drive from a coast, no thanks!

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