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All Holiday Shopped Out!

Hey, how are you all doing in your holiday shopping?  I'm finally done, and my feet are really tired!  I got the last of the presents I needed for family today, and only had one extra Sephora order (for me, I did have to use up the $20 VIB gift card, after all lol). Finished the Christmas cards today and am starting on the outdoor decorating. Tree is up, ready to sing carols.


What holiday traditions do you have and how are you coming along?


Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

So funny! I think you and I were the same type of kid. It was really bad until I got it figured out on when to be bratty or not, but after that all went smooth.Smiley Happy

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

I officially finished my shopping today by getting my last three cards at Hallmark.  I was going to get one card for both my mom and dad, but their "parents" category was slim this year, so they'll each get their own card.  The other card is for my future in-laws. 

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday. Nornally I like to be done earlier than that but I had to have my car worked on a couple weeks ago.


Tomorrow my mom's side of the family will have the annual Christmas Eve get together. After that some of us will be going to the church's candlelight service. Christmas morning, going to my parents' house.

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

not even done *groan*

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

I finally finished shopping yesterday and only have two more presents to wrap tonight - then I am all done and ready for Christmas day and a week off work! yay!!

Happy Holidays everyone!!

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