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All Holiday Shopped Out!

Hey, how are you all doing in your holiday shopping?  I'm finally done, and my feet are really tired!  I got the last of the presents I needed for family today, and only had one extra Sephora order (for me, I did have to use up the $20 VIB gift card, after all lol). Finished the Christmas cards today and am starting on the outdoor decorating. Tree is up, ready to sing carols.


What holiday traditions do you have and how are you coming along?

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

I am nearly done...a few gc's to buy and finish up for my husband...will bake with kids during winter break...

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

Has anyone ever been Christmas pranked or played a Holiday prank on someone else?  My family is quite mischievous with pranks, and I've been pranked a few good times.


When I was little, my dad said he bought me a Christmas tree to put in my room at Christmas.  The idea of a 5 feet tall tree in my room for the next Holiday season sounded awesome!  Christmas morning came, and I unwrapped the big box under the tree.  It was a tree..... a real one cut down from the field.  I didn't really think much of it at that time until mom drug out a box about the same size from their room, and it was the real gift.  A telescope that I actually still have today.  I can't remember what happened to the real tree lol.


When my mamaw was alive, she played a prank on me and two of my cousins.  She said the gift was going to be "rich" this year.  Of course, my cousins and I thought that meant money.  She must have meant rich with laughter because I got a stick, Amanda got bailer twine, and Andrew got a rock from the driveway lol!  Everyone got a laugh out of that before mamaw brought out the other gifts.  I should have kept that stick though since Andrew was being kind of mean later on lol.


For mine and Lanndan's first Christmas together, dad wanted to present Lanndan's gift in a unique way.  They were going to give Lanndan $50, but dad told mom to get it in one dollar bills.  Dad then proceeded to wrap one bill onto of another in a way that it looked like a box.  Dad then wrapped it up, and it looked exactly like a small jewelry box.  Christmas day, dad warned Lanndan to be careful unwrapping it.  Lanndan unwrapped it, but dad said he had to guess how much was there before he could attempt to unwrap the bills. Lanndan actually guessed right lol.



Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

Gee, that's so fun!  I thought pranks were only on April 1st, your family sure knows how to have fun!  I think I would have cried if I got a stick for Christmas!  I got coal once because I had been really bratty on Christmas eve, but I apologized and actually did get presents on Christmas AM. Made a definite note to self that if I was going to be bratty, to save it for after the holidays and after my birthday in January if I really wanted to play it safe!

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

I'm surprised my family hasn't given coal to people as a joke lol.  After your birthday, though, you can always think of jokes for April Fool's Day!

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

So funny! I think you and I were the same type of kid. It was really bad until I got it figured out on when to be bratty or not, but after that all went smooth.Smiley Happy

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

I officially finished my shopping today by getting my last three cards at Hallmark.  I was going to get one card for both my mom and dad, but their "parents" category was slim this year, so they'll each get their own card.  The other card is for my future in-laws. 

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday. Nornally I like to be done earlier than that but I had to have my car worked on a couple weeks ago.


Tomorrow my mom's side of the family will have the annual Christmas Eve get together. After that some of us will be going to the church's candlelight service. Christmas morning, going to my parents' house.

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

not even done *groan*

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

I finally finished shopping yesterday and only have two more presents to wrap tonight - then I am all done and ready for Christmas day and a week off work! yay!!

Happy Holidays everyone!!

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