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All Holiday Shopped Out!

Hey, how are you all doing in your holiday shopping?  I'm finally done, and my feet are really tired!  I got the last of the presents I needed for family today, and only had one extra Sephora order (for me, I did have to use up the $20 VIB gift card, after all lol). Finished the Christmas cards today and am starting on the outdoor decorating. Tree is up, ready to sing carols.


What holiday traditions do you have and how are you coming along?

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

I've bought at least one thing for everyone on my list. I'm wanting to add gift cards to some people's gifts. Not sure if I'll be able to afford to do that. I recently had to get my car worked on and my grocery list seems to keep growing. Hopefully between a quarterly bonus and a Christmas bonus on my next paycheck I'll get the groceries and gift cards. Maybe even an overdue haircut as well.

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

This week I've had finals, so when I'm needing a super break or have an hour or two to kill when I'm not studying, that's when I've been popping out for quick trips! I've gotten presents for four out of the six so far, so only two more to go!


Happy shopping and happy holidays!

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

Well, I don't have much money being a poor student and no one really expect presents. I brought THE best cookie on earth during black friday because they are usually $2/each but were $.9/each counting the shipping on Black Friday if you get the order with 72 cookies, so I got it and passed them out to all my friends and professors who've helped me so far. I still need to mail the christmas cards out. I buy anti-aging stuff for my mom, so a little giftbox of moisturizers set. I have no idea what to get for my dad who don't really care for anything, so I'm just gonna put together a video of his funniest moments as present.

Right now I'm p.o.o.p.e.d and sleep deprived cuz I've been pushing everything off until after the finals, and now final's over I've got A TON of things to finish before this Fri.

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

I will finish my Christmas shopping this weekend.  I started pretty early with my shopping since I have to budget things out.  The life of a college student lol.  While in Gatlinburg, I'm going to see if Ole Smokey Moonshine has a giftset of their grape jelly (yes, it has a bit of moonshine in it).  My mom loves their grape jelly, so I know that will be something she would enjoy.  


I did most of my shopping online, and I bought a few things at the mall and Walmart.  I still need to get special Christmas cards from Hallmark for Lanndan, my parents, and his parents.  I need to mail a few cards, too.  


Did anyone else shop for their pets?  Please say I'm not the only one on here that did lol.  The critters get presents around here,too, and they each have a stocking.  This year, I got Doobie a new collar (yay for etsy), new tag, and a new catnip fish.  Collars and tags for boy kitties are hard to find around here, and Petsmart finally got an orange fish one in.  




Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

@kimmi-  I always get the dog a present, he opens the package with such obvious glee and loves a new chew toy. A couple of years ago I got him a huge one and he took it outside and buried it. It was gone for more than a year, when he dug it back up it looked so gross that I had to throw it away. Now he only gets ones that he can consume in one sitting without making himself sick.


Nice you could find a "manly" cat collar lol! My guy dog has a purple collar, but that was the only one the store had that was big enough to fit him.

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

I agree.. I always have a gift for the pets! My rabbit and dog both had stockings when I was a kid. Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

Your reply just now came up for me lol.  Brutus, the boxer mix, gets a giant bone each year, but my dad saws it into a few pieces for him at a time.  However, each piece doesn't last too long for Brutus lol.


It seems like stores need to take more consideration for large male dogs and male cats.  After all, they're spoiled, too! lol.

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

Yeah, my dude is spoiled!  I got him a new bed today, his old one wasn't really washable, so now his bed can be as clean as he is! Hard to find one big enough that doesn't cost more than my bed! Smiley Happy

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

Unfortunately I am running behind on everything. My tree is up, but that's all.....please come help me shop and or decorate???

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

The house is decorated inside and out (we go ALL out for Xmas when it comes to decorating). We have the real tree up and several artificial ones around as well. The stairs are done, the fireplace is done. I have most of the Christmas cards ready to go, just have to go out and buy stamps so that I can mail them out. I havent had time for Christmas shopping yet but I have a list of gifts/stores to go to to get the items that I need for everyone. I cant wait to hit the mall and some Tanger outlets!

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

Just need to get something for my mother and my boyfriend's father and then we'll be done.


No real traditions, but we usually ski on Christmas. Hopefully there'll be enough snow this year.

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

Here are some of my family's holiday traditions:


1. My mom is Catholic and my dad is Orthodox so we celebrate 2 Christmases and 2 Easters every year.

2. We buy a *whole pig* and eat that instead of things like Turkey. After Thanksgiving, we are all Turkey-d out.

3. We get a real Christmas tree every year. Must be at least 7 ft and *chubby* with thick needles. And we keep it up until after New Years.

4. We open presents on Christmas Eve, not Christmas morning.

5. I always get one of those German Christmas chocolates Candy cone bags. I'm 24 and still love getting these every Christmas.


Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

oh my gosh! Love the chocolate cone bag! Those are so cool! I saw them for the first time this year and bought one for everyone.

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

I was so happy when I finished! I'm just waiting for one more thing to come in the mail to wrap. As far as traditions listening to Christmas music while wrapping gifts and making cookies/baking treats, although I'm not making as many different kinds as I usually do this year. Usually my family and I pick out and open one gift on Christmas Eve and last but not least, making cinnamon buns for breakfast on Christmas morning! It's going to be a very different Christmas this year for me though since this will be the first year I havn't lived at home and won't be spending it directly with my family. I think we are going to Skype while opening gifts though, which may be a fun new tradition! Smiley Happy

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

I've still got a few folks to shop for, a couple of gifts that are delivered and in need of wrapping, and some that I'm decking out and customizing. I don't have a tree or anything festive set up in my apartment, but I did help decorate the front desk at work. My last order from Sephora is coming in, and might I add that Sephora has been the BEST site I've ordered from! So great on notifications, status updates, and quick on shipping! I wish all the other sites I ordered stuff on were so great!


My holiday list got a bit bigger this year as I'm getting gifts for my boyfriend's family too. I think I hit around 50-60 people a year! Haha! Lots of aunts and uncles, plus tons of cousins and friends!


This year I'll be with my boyfriend in his hometown, so I won't be spending Christmas with my family.


Usually (when I am with my fam on holidays), we have a pre-Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve at one of my cousins' house. We exchange gifts and lucky money in red envalopes, take a bunch of photos, and feast!


Then on the day of there's early morning diem sum (which is like a brunch/buffet but made even cooler because all the food comes out in steam carts so you sit still while you get to gaze over what you want and get the food delivered to you), then it's off to dinner #1 with my mom's side of the family, normally at an aunt's house or cousin's house, then back to China town or to a Japanese restaurant where my aunt works for dinner #2 with the family on my dad's side. My mom is one of six and so is my dad so it's crazy how big the family is!


Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

I am almost done! I got a high quality eraser and some pastel blender sticks from Michaels for my brother, a cranberry mustard sauce for my grandpa who loves to try new things, a lush goodie for my mom, and a town decoration for my grandma. You know the ones with the little people and the village? Yeah one of those haha. I'm doing two secret santas this year, for one girl I got a camera necklace from Forever21 because she likes photography

and for the other I got those really cute shea infused fuzzy socks from bath and body works, along with two seasonal hand sanitizers.


I only have one person left to shop for- my boyfriend! I know what I want, it's just out of stock on thinkgeek. Argh! I'll figure something out though. 


As for traditions, my family got our tree on Sunday, but we have yet to decorate it. Our biggest tradition, that happens every year without fail, is that my parents get me and my brother pajamas, and we open them after Christmas eve mass, so we can wear them to bed. Its such a cozy tradition haha. 

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

Yes all shopped out is the pefect stament for me too. I am finally done and man I'm glad , tree is put up and yard lights and wreath is hung on the door. We don't really have any holiday traditions just the norm. I do love Christmas but boy I'm tired!=D

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

100% online shopping for me this year! It's not too late to order gifts online for delivery in time! Smiley Happy


Ps.  Personal favorite are the little stocking stuffers like s1452077-main-hero.jpg

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

Ah, I cannot believe Christmas will be here next week!


I've already done most of my shopping. All that remains is finding some things for the boys in my life Smiley Happy. My dog Remy, my dad, and my boyfriend.


I'm thinking about just getting Remy a little sweater (since he gets cold easily) and some treats. My boyfriend and I are buying one another a couch for Christmas...but I'm still gonna get him some PJs and slippers. For my dad I'm thinking about just getting him some healthy snacks and a nice bottle of wine; he's a pack rat so I try to get him things that can be used and tossed.

Whimsically yours,

Re: All Holiday Shopped Out!

I had no clue the holiday was sneaking up on us all so fast! I haven't had much time lately but my last 2 days off and the slowing down of things at work has been a great moment of down time. I got my cards written, packed up my sisters order to send her tomorrow, wrapped gifts for my friends up and picked up the last few things I needed.


I bought my mom a new fancy vaccuum that I'm hoping she will love, I just have to go to my bf's house to wrap it. And then think of a gift for my bf while I'm at it!


Christmas Eve is when my family gets together to celebrate and stay up until midnight, we don't do much Christmas Day so I'll be spending it with my boyfriend and his family. Very nerve-and-anxiety ridden considering I haven't met all of his family yet and we haven't been dating too long! Smiley Happy I'm going to bring a bottle of fancy champagne and maybe dessert to their house for dinner since they're so kind to ask for him to bring me along. But that still doesn't help me find my bf a gift!


I try to personalize gifts as much as I can, but am working on budget right now! Smiley Happy I like creative gifts where I can show that I pay attention to what my friends like!  

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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