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Advice on getting the job

Not really beauty related, but this whole community always gives good advice to all kinds of topics, so I came here to ask my question. I just applied at ROSS which is like TJ Maxx or Marshalls. I am only 20 years old, so it's not that important of a job, I just want something part time, so I can build up my credit and pay for school. I only had one part time job before but I didn't really need to go in for an interview since it was school related program. Well anyways, any advice on what to wear to the interview, would black pants be fine or would that be too professional? Any other advice you think would help would be appreciated Smiley Very Happy

Re: Advice on getting the job

"would black pants be fine or would that be too professional?"


Being too professional is never a problem!

Re: Advice on getting the job

I second that. It is always better to be overdressed vs. under dressed. I teach re-employment trainings through my current job and we always say it looks awesome for you that you dressed professionally, regardless of the job. And sadly, in today's economy, it's not even as easy to get the quick jobs while you're in college purely because the people that don't have...I'll say office jobs because I'm having a brain **bleep** and can't think of the words I'm really looking for...but those people are fighting for the quick jobs too just to have SOMETHING. So yes!! Black pants would be great! Simple top and frankly a black blazer and simple heels would be the perfect outfit! And honestly on a beauty related note, keep the makeup simple and natural. Good luck!!

Re: Advice on getting the job

i would add, not much jewelry and have nails very neat without trendy or bright colors and make sure your shoes are clean and polished - now go get 'em!

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