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Admit it.

You have your collection of makeup and whenever I look into my collection one thing stands out. If someone were to walk into my room and look into my collection first thing that they will think is "does this girl really need this many blushes?" The answer to that is yes. LOL, I have days when I'm feeling flirty and days when I'm just chilling. Admit it if you're like this and have a collection of your own. What does your collection say about you? Are you a blush additive like me? Or are you more of a mascara additive? 

Re: Admit it.

I am a blush addict -- I think I have more than 100. It's embarrassing...same thing with lipstick (I would guess I have around 100 or so). I need to downsize!

Re: Admit it.

I have one of each oil practically, but they all have their uses... >.>

Re: Admit it.

I have many, many lip glosses/ products and mascaras.  I love trying to find that one perfect mascara that will make my eye lashes look amazing...

Re: Admit it.

Oh my god. I'm joining the no-buy for skincare. Make up is not a problem but I decided to take inventory of my skincare collection, it include deluxe sample/half size products. The number of different products are:


Cleanser - 10

Scrubs - 4

Make up remover - 3

Masks/peels - 14

Toner/facial spray - 9

serum - 9

moisturizer/oil/eye cream- 27


That's not including ~5 duplicate items, not counting sample packes (~30) and almost empty items. Erm, I guess that means I'm officially a skincare addict?


But but but, at least I only have 82 make up items all together (eyes, lips, face, palette, perfumes)...o.o

Re: Admit it.

Looking at my stash, a few things are pretty obvious:
I love lip color
Berries and wines are my favorite shades for lip and cheek
I'm a brand loyalist (sooo much Tarte!)
I prefer formulas that can be applied and blended by hand -- the only powder in the bunch is a setting powder

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