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ABC Game

I'm pretty sure this has been done in beauty talk before but I want to start one if not. just to be sure...

name of the game:


A-Z name of a product not the palette not the brand but the name of the color, or shade you can name more than one for each letter but you have to complete the whole list. it has to either be something you own or are interested in purchasing can be from a palette nail polish any beauty product even a fragrance name ready set go & have fun with it. (my family used to play this game in the most boring way when i was little on our trips to get to the local zoo from our house or while driving out of state with license plates bill boards street signs etc. but I think this is way more fun!)


Note: Put the name of the color first, then brand then status of wether you own it or want it but only put down one or the other & if you own it you  have to like it otherwise there is no point in introducting the title to others. because this gets people not to want to look into getting said products. it can be department store, drug store, sephora,ulta or otherwise just make sure you like it. Smiley Happy & Enjoy!)


I will post mine upon completion Smiley Happy  P.S. don't post too may pics. otherwise it will take forever for people to load the page LOL)

Re: ABC Game

@viviene23- I'd call that amazingSmiley Happy

Re: ABC Game


now if I could only get my guy to think the same would be so much easier lol

Re: ABC Game

While thinking of what to list, I noticed that I can actually almost complete it with lipstick alone from my own collection!!! I don't know if I'd call that sad or amazing! To have variety, I'll try to list my favorites products instead :-D


I own all of these

A - aurora (dior bronzer) alaska (nars tm) arabesque (laura mercier lip)

B - beige aquarelle lip stain (ysl) belle de jour, barbarella (nars lip) blush (burberry lip) boy (chanel lip)

C - chintz (chanel lipstick) coque d'or (guerlain lip) copper (burberry lip mist) corfu (nars shadow) cactus flower (nars blush)

D - dolce vita (nars lip) dollface (tarte blush) diorissime (dior lip) divine wine (tf lip) diablotine (dior gloss)

E - extrait de rose (lipstick guerlain)

F - flush (tom ford blush) faubourg peach (ysl lip) full fuchsia (mac lip)

G - gold trench (burberry shadow) garconne (guerlain lip) giza (nars gloss) gerbera (stila blush) glamour 101 (lime crime lip)

H - hotwired (nars lip) high beam (benefit) hervana (benefit blush)

I - I want candy (tf lipstick) ibiza (le metier lip)

J - jolie poupee (nars shadow) Jolis matins(lancome lip) jazzed (mac lip le)

K - kitten (stila shadow)

L - lady danger (mac lipstick) luster (nars blush) lilium (stila) lamu (nars multiple)

M - monte carlo (chanel lipstick) mazette (dior lip) mood light (hourglass) mona lisa (sunday riley lip) mitsuoko (guerlain lip) mandorla (d & g lipstick)

N - night fever, night flight (nars shadow)

O - orgasm (nars gloss & multiple) obey (illamasqua lip)

P - pink dusk lipstick (tom ford) peche cerra cola (ysl stain) penny lane (nars blush)

Q - quartz ( cream shadow smashbox)

R - rose bronze blush (chanel) roman holiday (nars lipstick) rose platine (chanel liner) russet ( burberry blush) red muse (dior lip) ruby woo (mac lip)

S -  schiap (nars lipstick) sin (ud shadow) sable show (guerlain gloss) south beach (nars multiple)

T - tulip pink (burberry lip cover) tweed pink (chanel blush) tipsy (tarte blush) terra ora (guerlain bronzer)

U - underground (ud liner) uber pink (bobbi brown lip) union red (burberry lip cover)

V - velvety peach blush (ysl) voile de rose (lancome lip) vintage selection (mac pp) vamp (chanel polish) vegas volt (mac lip)

W - wild ginger (tom ford lip)

X - cant think of any

Y - yu (nars lip pencil) yash (mac lip)

Z - zero (eyeliner ud)



Re: ABC Game

A - Alice Copper eyeshadow (The Balm Rockstar Palette, own)

B - Black Dahlia liptar (OCC, own)

C - Crimson Tryst eyeshadow (MAC, own)

D - Danger eyeshadow (Nakedology, own)

E - Evil Monkey eyeshadow (Kat Von D, own)

F - Forgiveness eyeshadow (Illamasqua, own)

G - Gothic Lolita nail polish (China Glaze, own)

H - Hocus Pocus eyeshadow (MAC, own)

I - Impassioned lipstick (MAC, own)

J - Jet eyeshadow (Urban Decay, own)

K - Kid eyeshadow (MAC, want)

L - Lethal Injection nail polish (Wet n Wild, own)

M - Mossy Green color tattoo (Maybelline, own)

N - New York Apple lipstick (MAC, own)

O - Oh So Fair powder (MAC, own)

P - Pretty Boy liptar (OCC, own)

Q - Quick Sizzle lipstick (MAC, own)

R - Ronnie Red lipstick (MAC, own)

S - Smoldering Plum eyeshadow (Loreal, own)

T - Twinks eyeshadow (MAC, own)

U - Under Your Spell nail polish (Wet n Wild, own)

V - Vampsterdam nail polish (OPI, own)

W - Who Wore It Red-er lipstick (Maybelline, own)

X - X (Urban Decay, want)

Y - Young Punk eyeshadow (MAC, own)

Z - Zhora liptar (OCC, want)


Re: ABC Game

This is a great challenge -- I can't wait to see some of the answers (I'm already having trouble deciding!) Smiley Very Happy


A for Angelika (NARS Blush, own)

B for Blush (Burberry Lip Cover, own)

C for Crazed (Blush), Chantilly (Concealer), Cruising (Lipstick) (all NARS; own)

D for Damned (NARS Matte Lip Pencil, own)
E for Ecole Militaire (Fresh Eyeshadow, own)
F for Flush (Tarte AC Blush, own)
G for Geranium (Essie polish shade, own), NARS Gaieté
H for Heat Wave (NARS Lipstick, own); Hippy Shake (pale violet Dainty Doll Blush, own)
I for Immoral (Rock & Republic Blush, own)
J for Joy (Chantecaille Cheek Shade, own)
K for Kinky (Rock & Republic Blush, own)
L for Love Lust (Tom Ford Blush, want)
M for Military Red (Burberry Lip Cover, own)
N for Natural Beauty (Tarte AC Blush, own)
O for Outlaw (NARS Blush, own), Oud Wood (Tom Ford fragrance, want!)
P for Passion (NARS Blush, own)
Q ...not a clue; will revisit!
R for Rosewood (Burberry Eyeshadow, own)
S for Siberia (SG foundation), Snow (Powder), Sex (Blush) (All NARS; own)
T for Turbulent, or Tumulte (Chanel JC Blushes, own)
U for Ultraviolet (a Paco Rabanne fragrance that will forever remind me of a certain time in my life)
V for Vamp (Chanel Lip Pencil, own)
W for Winter Bloom, Wind (Chantecaille Cheek Shades, own)
X for X-Rated (Rock & Republic blush, own)
Y for Yellow (Smashbox Halo) -- perhaps a lame choice but I do own and like this Smiley Happy
Z for Zen (NARS Blush, own but rarely use, great for contouring!)


Smiley Very Happy

Re: ABC Game

I love things like this. Lists make me happy.
These are all things I own, use pretty regularly & really enjoy. I don't have any particular attachment to the color names. The only one that was a struggle was U. Stil haven't found an X so I might have to dig through my vanity drawers to see if I have anything & come back to that one.


Listed by shade name first:


A -All Hail The Queen nail polish by Butter London
B- Bronze Goddess bronzer from Estee Lauder
C- Crimson Lipstick Gloss from Exude
D- Dive Bar nail polish from Essie
E- Elite Lipsurgence Pencil from Tarte
F- Flush cheek stain from Tarte
G- Grapefruit lip glaze from Stila
H- Hot Mess lip gloss from Be A Bombshell
I- Instant Touch Perfecting Base from Clarins
J- Jasmine Lip Butter from Korres
K- Kiss Me Coral Super Lustrous Lipstick from Revlon
L Liberte blush from NARS
M- Mimosa High Gloss from Philosophy
N- Nearly Naked Pressed Powder from Revlon
O- Ozone Long-Wearing Lip Liner Pencil from UD
P- Peony Convertible Color from Stila
Q- Queen's Ambition nail polish from L'Oreal
R- Rainforest Black Tarte Smoldereyes
S- Slate waterproof cream eyeshadow from Tarte
T- Twice Baked eyeshadow from Urban Decay
U- Underworld Duo Eyeshadow from NARS
V- Vibrant Mandarin from the Maybelline Vivids
W- Watermelon Beach Tint from Becca
Y- You Rebel Tinted Moisturizer from Benefit
Z Zero UD 24/7 Liner pencil

Re: ABC Game

Oh gosh! I have a spreadsheet of products purchased, but if it's a palette I don't have the shades listed. This might take a while to figure out 

Re: ABC Game

OK MAYBE I DIDN'T COMPLETE IT YET BUT THIS IS WHAT i HAVE SO FAR... (for me I named ones that not only were nice colors & I own want or would buy again but also have a reason to like the name for. I might in the end come back in here and add my reasons as to why...but i'm still thinking about it.


A:  (is for)  "Alien" Parfume - By Thierry Mugler & For Athena Round Case Lipstick By NYX Comsemetics. (all own)


B: (is for) "Bow & Arrow" Lipgloss,& "Bookworm" Eyeshadow out of the palette "Saint" (both products are) by Kat Von D, as well as "Beauty Blog" NYX Cosmetics Eyeshadow & BadGal Lash mascara by benefit(all Own)  




D. (is for) "Dimebag" Eyeshadow  out of the Ludwig palette By Kat Von D.  [reason I like the name...Is because of pantara's legendary Guitarist "dimebag" Darrell Abbot R.I.P.!  not because of the names "other" term/meaning"


E. Enjoy The Sielnce Eyeshadow out of the Saint palette By Kat Von D (Own) [Reason being it's the name of a song one of my favorite bands did a cover for  which is Lacuna coil "whom did a cover of that name for that song originally performed by the depeche mode.






H. (is for) "Hoola" Bronzer By benefit cosemetics [not only is it a bronzer that works on my extremely pale skin it also happens to remind me of how bronze I got on my vacation in elementry school when I went to visit an aunt of mine in Hawaii one of my only & all time faveorite vacations. waking up and island hopping from adventure to adventure for a whole week when i was little & especially someplace as exotic as that well. trips like that don't pass you by everyday!)  (all own)










M. Mushroom Eyeshadow - Urban Decay out of the Smoked Palette (own) Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland one of my fave classic books of all time and one of the only classic books I like of all time. (own)


N. (Is for) Nonfat Soy Half Caf Nail Polish by OPI (OWN)










S. (Is for) Smoke & Ashes Nail polish From the limited editon hunger games collection - China Glaze (own) & Silver Birch Eyeshadow by MAC


T. (is for) they're real mascara the only mascara besides one other that I would swear by if used correctly this is the only mascara I don't struggle with.


U. (is for Uzi) eyeliner from urban decay one or the my fave gray eyeliners


V. (is for) Vesper nail Polish From the bond girls collection Limited Edition By OPI (Own)


W. (is for) "Whopping Willow" Chubby Color stick by Clinique Own [meaning behind why the name has importance to me. a close friend of mine wants to be buried beneath an unmarked willow tree when he is to die. I'm pretty sure that's not entirely legal but at least I can acknowledge in my heart that that is what my friend wants. Not to mention that is my favorite type of tree.]




Y.  Y (Is for) YDK Eyeshadow by Urban Decay (from the naked2 palette)




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